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Oh, why can’t I resist
that silver minx? She’s like a fine steak,
aged to perfection. -Oopsy!
-Oh! [ Both moaning ] -Oh, Archie!
-Oh, Miss Grundy! -Call me Geraldine.
-Well, somehow that’s
even grosser sounding than Miss Grundy. Mmm, mmm! Oh, your tongue
is rough. Hmm. You’ve a bad girl,
Miss Grundy! Is that
the best you’ve got? Hi, I’m producer
Greg Berlanti. You’re watching the original
un-aired pilot for “Riverdale” on the CW. The first note
from the network was “For the love of all
that’s holy, please make Miss Grundy 22
instead of 82.” Bad note, but whatevs. Their second note
was to definitely cut this next part
out of the script. Who’s up for a human
centipede — with cheese?!

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100 thoughts on “Riverdale | Robot Chicken | adult swim

  1. Dear Archie fans: Archie’s Weird Mysteries did the exact same thing and two, these two shows have lot in common. They involved changing up the characters and they are actually more competent than the comics themselves. Only difference is AWM was a comedy-drama. Stop acting like this is another Teen Titans Go and get a grip.

    It’s gonna be part the TTG effect: The more you complain, the longer this shows gonna last. So fuck off and get a life.

    Also: This is a small little joke that wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. You don’t see us women complain because we can accept changes.

  2. I think a lot of people forget that the real Geraldine Grundy DIED in Riverdale. The 20-something year old teacher that everyone sees isn't even Ms Grundy.

  3. They also gave Jughead a wool cap because they thought he would look stupid in a paper crown and made him slightly more edgy

  4. Better idea, if Archie creators want serious and edgy but the comica are all comedy, make it a black comedy! Horrible stuff keeps happening, but everyone treats it like normal or straight up ignores it. Teen pregnancy, school shootings, suicide in the classroom, all before lunch period

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