Riot Division Pants with adjustable length SS19 | Techwear Review

Hey and welcome to my new video. In this video I will review the RD pants with adjustable length which I picked up a few months ago. I will be taling about the material, fabric, how it looks and about the feature. The look is kinda boxy and military inspired. It remembers me of cargo pants without having those big pockets. Compared to many other “Techwear pants” it just has a slight taper which is barely noticable. In terms of sneaker and shoes I would go with boxier ones since shoes like the Acronym Prestos don’t pair well with those pants since they aim for a slim look. I really like the look of these pants in general even if it’s big baggy like. That might come from me wearing size L. I probably coudl’ve went with M. I also wouldn’t go with slim fitting jackets. More bigger jackets like the RD ones. But that’s essentially the look they are aiming for ofc. The pants themselves have 8 pockets. 4 smartphones like ones, 2 “normal” ones and the 2 big ones on the sides. The “smartphone” pockets can only fit smaller ones tho. The big ones on the side can literally fit anything but bigger things will become visible quite fast. I like to put my keys n stuff there. The 2 big pockets are overall very nice and complete the look of the pants without standing out too much. Now I will talk about the wearability. You can wear them till abut 30° celsius I would say. You will sweat a little but not too much. The ideal scenario would be around 15 degrees. The pants will still warm you without getting “too hot”. They have breathability for sure but as I said 30 degrees + will be very warm in those pants and will get your legs starting to sweat. Talking about weather: The are definitly water resistent. Although I wouldnt recommend standing the rain for hours. They are also wind proof. You feel some wind but it protects you from the most of it. I would recommend wearing them in a full storm for example but you can definitly wear them in normal rainy weather without getting wet. Now we get to the feature itself. The adjustable length which was the reason to buy them. Atleast for me since I often have trouble finding the right size without them being either to big on the hips or too long as a whole. The feature itself is very nice. It can cramp the pants if you adjust it too small but if you just do it “low to mid way” it looks totally fine. As I said I really like the feature BUT the only negative point is that you cant adjust it on the go. It takes a little bit of time to adjust things so you cant just stop for 20 seconds and change the length. I think it’s more like: Okay, what will I be wearing today and what length do I need? The length stays the whole day even in rougher conditions. When it comes to washing the pants: It’s very easy and washable. It also drys very quickly. Just lay it somewhere overnight and you should be able to wear it in the next morning. The only issue I had with washing was that if you don’t loosen up the feature some dirt particles get “stuck” on the lower end of the pants. So loosen it up before you wash them and you are good to go. Also if you rest your arms in your upper legs for example you can kinda see the skin particles in form of the pants getting a little brighter. This is fixed by just taking a napkin and cleaning it in 5 seconds. I woul definitly suggest those pants for 160$. I also asked RD to send them as a gift so I didnt have to pay custom fees. They represent the classic RD look and are good for people who are struggling with finding good fitting pants. You can wear it in any weather condition. I would just be careful with wearing it, as I said, in 30 degrees + weather. I hoped you liked the video!
You can find my on Instagram where I’m posting not that many pics atm but more stories. Feel free to ask me anything about Techwear and I’m very open to critic and feedback as well! Cya later!

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3 thoughts on “Riot Division Pants with adjustable length SS19 | Techwear Review

  1. vom konzept her also coole hose, aber man kann das noch verbessern – das is sicher n interessantes designproblem, ähnlich wie jacket slings … viele mögliche lösungen für eine situation. das bild is mit der neuen kamera deutlich besser als mit dem handy – etwas abgrenzung des schwarzen tshirts zum schwarzen hintergrund könnte ich mir als positv vorstellen, vllt auch einfach inde du dich nach weiter rechts im bild setzt … aber musst du wissen, wirst du mit dem zoom objektiv jetz woh noch was exoerimentieren. weiter so!

  2. Gutes Video, hab schon öfter überlegt, mir RD Hosen zu kaufen, aber wie du schon gesagt hast, ist es kein sehr scharfes Tapering, was bei mir einfach nicht wirklich gut aussieht, da ich ungefähr das umgekehrte Problem, wie du hab‘, viele Hosen sind mir einfach ein Stück zu kurz (193, slim-build) und da machen einen engere Hosen gefühlt noch dünner, was nicht wirklich mein Fall ist.
    Auf jeden Fall freu‘ ich mich schon auf die nächsten Videos!

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