Ring4 – Smart Phone Numbers

hey I’m Courtney I started my own
business and needed a new phone line but I didn’t want to carry a second phone
with me and didn’t want to pay for an extra carrier plan fortunately I found
out about Ring4. It’s an app that you download on the App Store to get smart
phone numbers. You can create an extra line for your business and start texting
and calling in seconds you can also use Ring4 for for privacy to get temporary
numbers for dating or when you post an ad on Craigslist. On top of that you can
use numbers from other countries without the need for a local SIM card it is so
simple to use. You just generate a phone number with one tap and delete it when
you don’t need it anymore. I currently use three numbers from the app, and I
always know which one is ringing. The experience is seamless texting and
calling are really cheap as Ring4 uses voice over IP and operates without
a SIM card. Are you ready to try? Download now on the App Store and get your first number free!

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