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hi guys back again another ckspace
video and I’m back from Bali and you can see I got a little bit tanner and I’ll
make a video about that. Not about getting tanned but my Bali trip. That won’t
be so soon because I got so many plans stacking up and there’s so many stuff I
wanna make for you guys so let us get into the main topic which is the Rick Owens Sisyphus fall winter 18 collection and if you don’t know about
this channel I did a review for Rick Owens Dirt collection so just a brief
introduction i’ll talk about the unique stuff the stuff that I’d like and the stuff that I
don’t, from the ready-to-wear collection and also from the runway and
let us start on the footwear and they have some new silhouette this time and one of
them is the oblique runner which is really similar to the level runner from adidas
which they stopped collaborating and stopped producing I dont’ like them. I feel
like they are very mediocre yeah just like the Level runner but the minimal
boring version they have the similar inwards and outwards shark tooth and now
removing the NMD looking kind of support my first impression of this
oblique runner is they look like those sneakers Zara or H&M do where they
try to knock off Rick Owens level runner or something and it’s just so boring to
see them on the runway next is the hiking sole which is introduced back in
the Dirt collection and now they have the sandals silhouette I just love the chunky
sole. I talked about it in my Dirt review and also love the excessive straps the
buckle on it but the only thing is the price is really crazy
800 euros for that and they also have this hiking sole on a tractor boots
they’re fine but not my favorite. Another hiking silhouette which is the
hiking sneakers so the whole shape is really weird you got the big tongue slim body
and a big chunky sole I just feel like the shapes too weird they’re really bad I just
don’t like the fact that they have this metal buckles on the side they kinda
remind me of Alexander McQueen with all the metal skull on their garments, shoes and whatever I just don’t like them. So this season they use an interesting color which is the limelight They use it on their Geobasket, their tees, their tuxedo, their bags stuff so it’s always interesting to see Rick Owens use
fresh colors like that previous season they have this acid yellow and thy’re fine for
me because there are still kind of strong color but the lime light are too pastel and I just feel like they are very soft and not really that ‘rickish’ for me
I mean it’s fresh to look at them but I’ll probably would not get that and that’s
other interesting footwear they have currently and probably they were adding
more stuff later on they did added some new stuff from the Dirt collection
after I did my review so just a quick review on the Dirt Sneakers they have
this Birkenstock I mean you guys know it and I love it I talked about it on my
April’s favorite and they have new slides and now they call it flip flops and I
kinda like those acid yellow colorway They also introduced this lacquered
cotton on the Ramones they got the black and also the forest green I don’t like
them because they kind of look like patent leather so it’s a no for me and
my favorite hiking boots with the stone grey colorway on the sole and also an
exotic water snake leather on the Geobasket and also a Lego Sandals which is pretty new, I I kinda like that for the jackets they have some unique pieces
like the cargo vests and they are very minimal they do have any fancy pockets
on the fur patch but the only thing I don’t like about that is the elastic
band at the back so by the way I did a video on tactical and utility vest so
if you are interested you can check it out over here and from this season they
got something very iconic and probably you can see it on the women’s runway for
sisyphus which is the megaparka and they’re similar those from 2016 where you got the zip at
the front and also at the back on the hood itself. Women’s collection they also
have this thing called a miniparka Same theory you got a zip and the front and back
if you unzip them you can actually look like the egg from alien or a demogorgan from
stranger things but jokes aside I love this piece probably my favorite piece
for this season I just love the fact that you have two different look you can
unzip it I’ll put a mega hood on they’ve this dustulator wrap jacket which is
from fall winter 2006 and this jacket gives a very BDSM look because of the strap
on the body which is pretty cool last but not least is the Moody flight jacket I
love the silhouette with the extremely huge sleeve a really crazy piece hard to pull it off and for the pants I’m not gonna lie I love all of them except for those
cargo joggers which I don’t know why is it getting slimmer and slimmer i just feel that if you don’t get it in the right size might be a bit disgusting because
you might like a legging with a pocket at the side and if I have to
choose one from the men’s collection that would be the dirty green trousers
from Mastodon I always love the big ass trousers for Mastodon so that would be
perfect and now in dirty green and from the
women’s collection my favorite would be the cargo trousers a very clean
silhouette very effortless but yet if some cargo trousers at the same time and
for the bags I only like some of Rick Owens bag, stuff like the cargo chap
bag or the fertility bag which I think they are really crazy enough to have
harness at your thigh or waist and now they got something even crazier which is
the hun fat bunny and it’s pretty obvious this from Michele Lamy
I really have no comment for that probably how it works is you just put
your stuff inside the stuffed bunny it’s just weird to see that on Rick Owens and for
the miscellaneous items I kind of like the wallet with the straps on it and
also the keychain not all of them but the one with the teardrop I feel like
you can use it as a pendant for your necklace or something and for the rest
of the items which I never mentioned I just think that they’re pretty boring let us
talk about a runway obviously the stage design or the
runway design is not as extravagant as those from dirt collection personally I
don’t really like this collection because I feel that they are quite
similar to dirt collection but a very toned down version but you have some
favorite pieces from this collection such as the harness where you have a
side harness and attach to one side of the leg and one of the model wore it with something like a skirt I’m not sure whether it’s a skirt or a pants and the rest
they wore it with this flary jumpsuit next will be the high-waisted cargo cropped pants
I just love the silhouette because it’s high-waisted and another favorite of my
cargo pants and they matched it with the hiking boots which is one of my favorite
also and this season you can see all those hiking boots with the jelly sole
and why i call it jelly sole is because they are kind of translucent on the bottom so
that’s all my favorites for this collection and my ultimate top favorite
will be the hiking sandals so comment down below what is your favorite but
this release we can have a conversation about that in my comment section alright
guys that’s all I have for this Sisyphus review and if you are new here
really appreciate if you can subscribe and like this video and that’s all I
have thank you guys for watching and I will see you guys on the next one

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