Rick Owens DRKSHDW Flight Coat | Review

Hey! So today we’re doing another review it’s a piece i got that I’m really excited about it’s a black flight trench coat from Rick Owens DRKSHDW which is is his diffusion line it’s a great piece i’m really excited to just review it for you it’s a 1.8 k and so really amazing so let’s jump into it alright so there it is so it’s really an amazing coat as I said great for winter spring fall even initially when I bought it I thought it would be like a regular coat however it’s super thick it’s a lined inside i’m going to show it to you afterwards you know really great piece and the material I think it’s really interesting as well because it’s in a brushed cotton so it’s it has like a velvet feel I would say it’s very very smooth very nice and very thick as well so i’m going to put it on and i’m going to go in depth into the review alright so as always saying earlier it’s a great piece for for winter fall i would say from maybe ten to minus 5 eventually so great for for Montreal weather i would not say when it’s super cold in Montreal when it’s like- 10-15 this is not going to do it however you know what it’s starting to get warmer this is really a great piece it’s all lined inside in a polyester very warm the outside as I was saying what is in brushed cotton and there’s great detailing here you have the classic DRKSHDW image of Rick Owens with high heels and there’s a nice touch here with a pocket inside there’s also another pocket on the other side and its really all around a great piece sure you have the pocket not very practical but I think in terms of style that’s really great so it was 1.8 k I think it’s worth it again it’s very warm very long i think that type of piece you will keep for a very long time and usually one yet whenever you have something that is distress or brush it tends to age very well so yeah that’s it great great piece and would definitely recommend it to everyone ok so what I would wear with this piece I mean it’s a black coat so it goes with everything it really fits the Rick Owens aesthetics so I would definitely like to pair it with other Rick Owens so in my case right now and wearing a mainline Rick Owens t-shirt with a skirted shorts from DRKSHDW and some Ramones mainline so actually if you’re into that look and I were doing editorial this afternoon with those pieces it will be on our Instagram so we can check it out there also please like our video that you can show the pieces on grailed and as always have a good day

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10 thoughts on “Rick Owens DRKSHDW Flight Coat | Review

  1. I have the hardest time trying to convince myself to wear the more unique stuff from rick. I own pod shorts and the sleeveless hoodie but I have the hardest time convincing myself to wear it. Could you do a styling video for me?

  2. Great video, looking forward to more. My only suggestion would be to turn down the contrast (?) on the videos? It might just be me, but it makes it hard to see some of the details, especially with most of ricks stuff being black. Other than that, it's perfect.

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