RG Valakut KHE/Omen Shift Modern Deck Tech Primer

hey guys what’s up after requests, in today’s video I will talk about another RG Valakut’s version known as Khalni Heart / Omen Shift because of those two cards here Khalni Heart Expedition and Prismatic Omen. When compared with Bloodbraid Elf version this list has been around much more time and is the “traditional” version. It’s main dragging points are explosion and speed, totally focused on ramp. Khalni Heart Expedition makes it easier to Turn 4 shift kill even when your opponent doesn’t use shock lands and allows to, under some circunstances, resolve a lethal primeval titan. This way, RG Valakut is able to set up some kills against other turn 4 decks when on the play even when you don’t draw a piece of interaction. Affinity, Hardened Scales and Burn are examples. This list is better to face other speed based decks like the mirror, Amulet Titan and even Hollow One, a very difficult matchup for the BBE list, sometimes a victim of the RNG Burning Inquiry and is, in general, less consistent. It’s disadvantage, however, the alternative plan is a lot weaker. Prision or even Control decks, are a lot harder to face when you lose the flexibility provided by BBE. Effects like Leyline, Blood Moon, Surgical Extraction and Witchbane Orb really mess your game, and you have a lot less winning chances. Considering you have lots of low impact cards, you can’t use many slots on interaction 1×1 or cards that don’t contribute to your main plan, otherwise it will be hard to reach the critical mass of lands for a combo kill. A deckbuilding example seen here almost none of the KHE lists use the full Lightning Bolt playset, usually going for a 3-3 split on the sweeper. Thsi week we had the Star City Games Charlotte Open and a KHE list finished on Top 4. It was played by Becky Adlman, one of the foreign main archetype ambassadors. Besides her and mine list diverge on a few choices and numbers, the base is very similar. She was more aggressive on Dredge hate, using two Relic of Progenitus, while she kept the Anger of the Gods and Sweltering Suns split. She doesn’t use Reclamation Sage MD, even we don’t have tier 1 decks using pre-sideboarded hate, I like to be ready when my list doesn’t have an alternative beatdown plan, depending only on 6/6 Trample Titans. Her mana base is a bit more greedy. She uses 4 Windswept Heath instead of the third Forest, because of the synergy with Khalni Heart, but I don’t give up on it. Against Ponza, other Blood Moon decks and Field of Ruin it is very important. On her sideboard she has other cards that don’t appeal that much to me like Carnage Tyrant and Hour of Devastation. She also has Grafdigger’s Cage, a very specific card, where I use more Relics. As for my list I have chosen to keep 3 Anger of the Gods focusing more on Dredge, Hollow One and Arclight Phoenix’s decks, accepting the occasional Meddling Mage risk out of Humans. I’ve kept the Farseek/Explore split on 2-2, even considering Explore is stronger with Khalni Heart drawing you a card, it is less reliable when we don’t have a land in hand to play. I have been playing a lot with this list on MTGO competitive leagues her sideboard is a bit more focused to what I face on it’s metagame. Hardened Scales and Death Shadow variants are more common, so Ancient Grudge and Roast earned their slots, instead of more Abrade copies. The three Baloths are also needed considering Burn, Hollow One and Arclight Phoenix’s decks, also with a plan consisting on Lava Spike, Fiery Temper and Bolt, besides some of them using Burning Inquiry, instead of using more Thragtusk and Huntmaster. 3-3 on Damping Sphere and Relic of Progenitus are to maximize the targetted hate against Tron, Amulet Titan, Storm, KCI, and for Relic even against Control stopping Logic Knot and Snapcaster. Well guys, this was the deck tech/primer of today, commenting about this Scapeshift’s variation. Don’t forget to LIKE this video, SUBSCRIBE the channel if you don’t already and recommend to your friends and whatever else you could do to help me so I can post content more often. Stay tuned and remember: the grind must go on! See ya!

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  1. sensacional, cara! parabéns pelo canal. se eu puder sugerir alguma coisa na minha humilde ignorância, seria deixar o som nativo do mol mais baixo, ou tirá-lo por completo! Obrigado pelo conteúdo!

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