Researchers develop “robot skin” sensor

It seems with every passing day, science fiction
is becoming science fact. It’s not surprising to learn robots are constantly
evolving. The latest development is a tactile sensor
that be a skin for AIs. Kim Mok-yeon has the details. Researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute
of Science and Technology have developed a tactile sensor that can measure not only the
amount of pressure applied on contact but also pinpoint the location its been touched. When the sensor is pressed, different colors
appear on a screen, depending on the level of pressure. The sensor also locates the exact spot where
pressure is exerted through the computer screen. “The sensor can act as the skin of a robot
because it uses conductive rubber to measure electrical resistance.” The team attached electrodes on the surface
of sensors and let current flow through them. The sensors are made with ‘piezoresistive
composite’ which is a combination of silicon and carbon nanotube. This composite has the property to change
the value of electric resistance on corresponding parts when pressure is exerted from outside. Researchers say manufacturing these sensors
is relatively easy and cost efficient. “The sensors can be used widely in the robot
industry, and they are particularly promising for rehabilitation purposes.” The research team expects the technology to
be applied in a variety of fields such as robotic skin, 3D computer interface, and wearable
medical devices. Kim Mok-yeon, Arirang News.

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