Renault’s self-driving car avoids obstacles as well as pro drivers

(uptempo house music) – So tell me, what are we
about to see here today? – Today we’re announcing an
autonomous control system that’s able to successfully complete obstacle avoidance maneuvers
in emergency situations, up to the same speeds as a
professional test driver. – Nice. And can you tell me a little bit about the technology itself? – Sure. The technology really is inspired by professional test drivers,
and I can explain a bit why. It’s because despite popular belief, our feeling is that humans are actually pretty amazing drivers, you know. In most developed
countries, they can do less than one fatality per 100 million miles. That’s really hard to beat,
however, meeting and beating that benchmark is
essential to ensure safety, and realize the dreams
of our autonomous cars. So that’s why it’s essential we learn from the best of the best. And so what we’re going
to show you today is at first I’m gonna show you
a demonstration that can show the same level of performance as a professional test driver’s in emergency obstacle avoidance. – Can you give me an example of some of these emergency obstacles? – Yeah, so what we’re
gonna have here today is we actually have six
inflatable obstacles out here. And we’re going to deploy them in pairs to surprise either the
driver or Callie here. – Okay. – And by doing so we can
simulate this sort of scenario which requires a very, very quick evasive maneuver to complete. – How fast can this car go and
still avoid these obstacles? – It depends tremendously
on the conditions and the situation, so the
scenario we have set up today, we’re going to be testing up to speeds of around 27 miles an hour. Which may not sound like much, but we’re on this loose gravel surface here. These conditions change from day to day. It’s roughly speaking, half in between that of ice and dry road
in terms of what it can do. – Okay, great. Well, let’s
get on the road then shall we? – Sounds like a plan. (uptempo house music) – [Megan] Did we hit the cone? – [Shad] (laughs) Nope. (laughing) (uptempo house music)

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  1. I have my CDL permit but I'm afraid to take my CDL driving test because of the self-driving trucks are about to take over the truck driving industry..

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