Remove Stuck Skateboard Truck Hardware Bolts

Today I’ve got some new trucks and wheels
that I want to put on this board but when I was taking the hardware off of this truck
here one of the bolts stripped and now I’ve got to take it off. Now this does happen.
It’s not super common but when it does it can be a real pain. And what I’m going to
do is tell you how to take if off really easily. Here are two new screwdrivers that are the
most used sizes around the house. The smaller is size one and the larger size two. Damage
to a screw head can be caused by using the wrong size driver for a different size screw
head. Skateboard hardware is size number two bolts. So use the bigger number two driver
when tightening or removing hardware. The Phillips head or cross head screw was
originally designed for the driver to cam out, meaning to slip out of the screw head
once it reached the end to prevent over tightening. So the wrong size driver and a damaged driver
or bit can cam out a lot easier causing damage like stripping. The fastest and most hassle free way to remove
a stubborn piece of hardware from a skateboard is to drill it out right through the head.
And I like to start with a 5/32ths drill bit and finish with a 3/16ths.
Now to hold the nut and bolt in place, I’m going to use a pair of vice grips clamped
onto the nut. I don’t have to hold onto the vice grips. Just the weight of it alone
will just hold the nut in place. Now I’m going to show you how to take it
out. Before I start drilling out the hardware let’s take a close look at the head of that
bolt. Boy you can really see how stripped that is. I’m only going to drill down about
an 8th of an inch using a 5/32ths drill bit. That looks deep enough. Now I can finish off with
a 3/16ths drill bit. And the head usually just pops off onto the drill bit. You can
twist it off with a pair of pliers. As you can see removing stripped hardware
is very easy. With my new trucks and wheels mounted on this board I can go skate.

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100 thoughts on “Remove Stuck Skateboard Truck Hardware Bolts

  1. What do you don if you have a stripped nut where the bushing is, I'm trying to put brand spankin new nuts on but I can't get the old one off. :c

  2. Dude… How about the other type of screw? the hexagon one…
    Is it same method to take it out coz its stuck on the final one

  3. just want to point out the screwdrivers you have are posi drive Phillips drive they have an extra bit between the 4 point of the star, it will make it slip out of you have a pz2 vs a p2 bit 

  4. What kind of trucks do you guys recommend? I have a cheap pair I got off amazon just to start off, but now its time for an upgrade.

  5. This didn't work for me…but I still used the drill in another way and slowly got it off eventually, so thanks for the drill idea:)

  6. What works best for me is just hammer a flat head screwdriver into the bolt and hold it with the screwdriver while you remove the nut like you usually would. 
    Sorry for bad english 😉 

  7. man that doesn't seems easy at all. I will replace the screw as soon as I see its getting too hard to get out. 

  8. On one of my tricks the Axel bolt is stuck. I turns when you loosen it with a skatetool but the bolt doesn't get looser it just turns on the axel

  9. Hey Ratvision, PLEASE reply or anyone who has the same problem. One of my longboard bolts are stripped all the way, like it has no loosen mechanism to take it out.. I tried this and it only made it worse, i need a machine that goes INTO the bolt and takes it out, rather than making the hole bigger. Anyone have suggestions? I need to take off my Paris trucks because they are very old.

  10. If you have dust in your bolt and you can't screw, just drill in it until the dust and sand comes out, then screw it out.

  11. when you first get your board replace the Phillips head screws with either allen/hex  wrench head screws or star pattern/torx head screws then you wont have any stripped screw heads….×250.jpg………..……..just a suggestion….

  12. How do you remove rusted wheel bolts? Mine can turn but then it gets to a point where you can't make it budge at all. I just got new trucks and wheels, I only need to take my old ones off to be able to get the bearings out

  13. the fastest way is to put a rubber band over the head of the hardware, stick your bit into the rubber band and into the hardware, the rubber band will help get a bite on the hardware, you'll have it off in a second with no extra tools.

  14. I bought some skate mental 0,875", are them ok for normal skateboard or are minded for other kind of boards?
    I have venture 5.0 low marquee toxic. please I can't find answers

  15. How does this work cause I've been trying so long and with the drill but there are still 3 bolts stuck and they just have a deep hole I can't get them out

  16. i didn't have a drill so i had to use a hammer and chisel to cut the bolt off and it only took five hours.

  17. wow dude, this really helped me! I got new thunders and I could not take the old trucks off… then I went on youtube and found this video. man dude I don't know how to thank you enough. 🙂

  18. i used to just get a freaking lighter and heat it up really hot and then force it out by just yanking it off. most of the time the screw would break in half but I got it out

  19. or get a ruuber band put it on the headset nd use screwdriver should give you more leverage to loosen nd take out …once you get the screw sticking out a good bit use vicegrips to hold while you unscrew with skate tool bolt

  20. this saved my life!! i unscrewed all my hardware exept one stripped. i tried everything and this helps so much thank you

  21. Okay so i just got a new board put on my older trucks in my local skateshop. The next day i am skateboarding and my hardware is falling of the board? Should i get new hardware or?

  22. You'll break the drill bit- use a larger bit that won't as easily get caught in the screw. The screw is hardened and will dull your bit quickly.
    Try using an easy out.

  23. I usually just cut the nut off with a grinder, or if you don't own a grinder a reciprocating saw with a metal cutting blade also works.

  24. Is it possible to get them.out with non automatical tool?Like a screw driver…and did he put on this new hardware?

  25. Happened to me today, I had to break the bolt in half. First time I've been thankful for cheap shitty metal

  26. I don’t know if this is the same problem but I wanna know if someone has a fix the screws and bolts are turning and I got one truck off no problem but the others are not coming off no matter how much I turn it it’s the right way and it’s so loose I can turn the bolts by hand the screws are going with and I can’t keep them still they are also rusted really bad so I’m trying to replace them

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