Remove and Insert Skateboard & Longboard Bearings

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98 thoughts on “Remove and Insert Skateboard & Longboard Bearings

  1. I have all the separate part to construct a board but they forgot to send me the spacers. Is it ok to put it together without spacers?

  2. Guys.. can you help me? Im trying to clean my bearings but one of my wheels wont come off because of a stuck nut.. do you have any tips for me to remove it without breaking the wheel? Thanks..

  3. I put my bearings in the wrong way cause the REDZ Bearings that I got.. The red was facing the inside of the wheels and I mest up.. But your video saved my life.. I thought I had to skate with 1 weird mest up wheel. Thank you for this video.

  4. i haven't got much into taking them off when I'm putting my wheel back on  i have to one it up is that because the spacer???

  5. The only bit that confuses me, this is coming from someone that has never seen I bearing before btw, it putting the shield on the inside or outside. On videos it's hard to see a difference, will it be obvious when they arrive?

  6. I've been using the same wheels for a long time and I just recently cleaned my bearings. But now its really hard to put the bearings back in. what should I do

  7. HELP!!!! I am not strong at all. There is nobody I can ask for help. Any other ways i can do it that is very easy?

  8. I have metal core wheels (rictas) and and i cannot get my bearings out due to how hard the metal is, it doesn't allow me to pry my bearings out off my axel.

  9. What i did (because i'm using bearing spacers and this way didn't work) was i found a screw with flat top, that is a little thinner than the axle and long enough to go through the wheel.
    So … i screwed it into a piece of wood and now i can put that screw through the wheel and remove my bearings by pressing them from inside out. This way you place the top of the screw on the inside of the bearing inner ring and press the wheel down with both hands and it pops out like it's nothing.

    I hope this helps those who cant get them out (good for wheels with really hard core and spacer users)

    EDIT: now that i think of it a thicker nail would work even better since it has that really nice flat top.

  10. I have reds bearing and 53 mm there hard wheels orginal formula and there bearing are extremely hard to get out and my uncle couldn't get the bearing back in so I had to go to the shop any advice because I really need to clean my bearings

  11. TO Rat Vision:
    1) won't using axle to put bearing in damage the bearing casing/shield?
    2) won't using axle to remove bearing strip the threads of outer part of axle which is needed to fasten axle bolt?
    3) your other video on manufacturing defects/imperfections of inner skate wheels and wrong size spacers has me a bit depressed about finding the right wheels n spacers. do u have another video that says what brands and styles of wheels have the best precision manufacturing so u dont get damage to inner part of wheels n wear out bearings etc..same with trucks that are the right angle on the axle.
    4) how do u know what spacer to get for your wheels if there ae so many "incorrect" diameters made? thanks

  12. i have 52mm spitfire wheels and i use rush bearings. just recently i tried taking out my bearings so i can try to clean them, but they literally would not come out. i literally got blisters for the first time trying to get them out. they went in and out of the wheel PERFECTLY when i first got my entire board which was maybe about a month ago. so i took my board to zumiez and they helped my pull out the bearings, they even had trouble. so i bought new bearings, rush again, and they said that i should just leave the spacers out. they also said that since my wheels were backwards that it "jammed" something. idk.

    later when i got home, i tried taking the bearings back out so i could lube them and make sure theyre nice and smooth before i start rolling on them, but only 2 of the wheels i could get the bearings out. the other 2 i had to lube them while they were in the wheel. one of the 2 bad ones i couldnt get fully back on so i think its slightly shifted and it makes a bit of a sound when i spin it.
    what could be the problem?

  13. I've been doing this method for years but after doing this more frequently on the same pair of trucks it got me thinking. I've been riding some pretty hard and small wheels and the bearings do get stuck in them. I also noticed in this comment section others having really hard time removing them and even getting blisters trying to get them out. So do I, while sweating bullets and getting blisters on my hands, I'm usually able to get them out. But I also noticed that some of my axle nuts are getting loose or unscrewing a bit after a session. So since I'm using all my strength and weight, doesn't it fuck up the thread of the axle?

  14. Your videos are mostly great, and super informative, which makes skipping the spacer kinda a wtf moment compared to your quality elsewhere. Lots of folks don't even know you're supposed to use them! Maybe add some text to the video, if you're going to keep it up?

  15. I don't believe in riding with wheels loose on the axle. They will shake, vibrate, and cause instability; and probably break down the bearings more quickly. In proper bearings, with fitting washers and spacer, it should not be a problem to tighten the axle nut hard, because all the pressure will be on the solid inner race ring, which will not affect the roll of the wheel.

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