Relinquished Eyes-Restrict! 2018 Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Profile!

– [Paul] Hey, what’s up, you guys? You’re watchin’ Team APS. Paul here. In today’s video, we’re
doing another deck profile. This deck is Relinquished, a fan-favorite deck that
got some new support way back in duelist of
legend, Ancient Millennium. So, or Legendary Duelists:
Ancient Millennium. So, yeah. This is Relinquished. It’s a deck that I thought I would build. It’s kind of gimmicky,
but it’s a lot of fun. It’s something that
you can take to locals, kind of troll people with. But, surprisingly enough,
I mean it can take games off people if they aren’t
aware of how it works. So, it’s something I’ve
really been liking. Remember to give the video
a thumbs up and subscribe for more Yu-Gi-Oh!. I’ve been doing a lot
of profiles recently. I still got several more to come, so you don’t want to miss any of them, subscribe, hit that notification bell, join the Team APS squad, and yeah! Without further ado, we’ll hop right in. Triple Relinquished. Go figure. So, this is the Ritual
Relinquished monster. He can take on opponents’ monster, equip it to himself. And then if he would
be destroyed by battle, that monster gets destroyed instead, and your opponent takes the damage. Problem with him, of course, is that he can only have one monster equipped at a time with his effect. Kinda blows. It’s also not like a
quick effect or anything, it doesn’t give him
any additional effects. So, like, you know, eh. But still, you have to run him because he’s needed as material for
Millennium-Eyes Restrict, and he’s also just
necessary if you want to run Black Illusion Ritual with
Pre-Preparation of Rites and everything, so, yeah. Still though, he’s pretty handy. I mean, when you do summon him in a turn, he can take an opponent’s monster. And when you summon him
and then something else, you can actually clear your
opponent’s board pretty fast. Next, we’ve got three copies of Millennium-Eyes Illusionist. So this is actually a pretty unique card. It’s a hand trap for the deck. You can, it’s got a quick
effect, you can discard it from your hand and then target one of your opponent’s monsters and equip it to your Relinquished or
one of your Eyes Restrict fusion monsters, as if it was
equipped with their effect. So this can be really disruptive. You can steal opponent’s boss
monsters, Playmaker cards. And what’s handy about
Millennium-Eyes Illusionist is that when he’s in the Graveyard and you summon one of
your Relinquished monsters or a Thousand-Eyes Restrict
or Millennium-Eyes Restrict, he immediately comes back to your hand. It’s actually a mandatory effect, as they are so keen to
tell you in the card. So, yeah. It will always be there
for you, very handy. Next, we’ve got Illusionist
Faceless Mage, or Magician. Anyways, whenever one of your Relinquished or Eyes Restrict monster gets destroyed, you can summon it from
your hand or your Grave. And then, when you do, you can re-summon one of those monsters,
usually the one that died. So it’s kind of a way to give
this deck some recurrence. Other than that, though,
he’s kind of a dead draw. So if you can ever pitch him
to the Grave for a discard or something, that’s
generally gonna be better. Triple copies of Manju of
the Ten Thousand Hands. So this is the Ritual deck staple. He can get you a ritual
monster or a ritual spell. Whenever you normal summon
him or flip summon him, but those don’t really happen much. Anyway, your goal is to surge Relinquished and Black Illusion Ritual. He’s also level four, so you
can actually make some rank for Xyz in a few situations if two of these happen to stay on the field. It’s happened, like,
once for me, so I figured I would just mention that part. Next, we’ve got the Predaplant engine. Three copies of your Ophrys Scorpio and your Darlingtonia Cobra. So, for those who don’t know
how this works, somehow, you summon him, you pitch a monster, and then you summon him. And when Cobra gets summoned,
it surges a fusion spell. That means Instant Fusion,
or Relinquished Fusion in this deck. So a very handy way to
quickly get to the cards you want to see. Both of those fusion spells have some applications in this deck. And you can then use these
guys for Link Monsters or as ritual fodder. It’s all they’re really there for. Good, normal summon. Next we’ve got Armageddon Knight. It’s useful for pitching
Millennium-Eyes Restrict or Illusionist Faceless
Magician to the Grave, because they’ll be able
to come back to your hand or re-summon himself. So, yeah that’s all he’s really there for. Another level four. Kinka-byo, or Kinka bio? I’m not sure how you say this one. But, anyway, Kinka-byo,
its effect is when you normal summon it, you
get to special summon a level one monster from your Graveyard and then the End Phase, this
gets returned to your hand. So, whenever this leaves the field, that monster gets banished. The idea here is if you
properly summon a Relinquished or one of your fusion monsters, you would be able to
special summon it back, use its effect because that’s not negated. So you can, like, take
an opponent’s monster and then the End Phase,
when it gets banished, the monster from your opponent would also just go to the Grave. Or, if you want, you could
overlay these guys or link them. You know, use them as
material for something. So it makes Kinka-byo a
really good recovery card, kind of a surprise thing that
most people don’t see coming. I’m only running one copy,
’cause well, you know. You don’t really wanna
see two copies of it. It’s gonna bounce back to
your hand; it’s reusable. Two copies of Relinkuriboh. This is a handy card because
when it gets tributed, like for your ritual summons, you get to draw a card
and then also you can use it in your Graveyard to
stop an opponent’s monster from destroying one of
your monsters by battle. Just banish it. You can run a number of
things over this card, to be completely honest, but
I just thought it would be kind of a cute un-themed tech. Really and truly, if this wasn’t for fun, maybe you could a thing like
Upstart or Pot of Desires in its place, but it’s neat
and it’s a dark monster. Works for the lore and
those types of things. Just level one, as well. Kind of relevant for a
few other applications. And, finally, we have our three Kaijus. So, Kaijus play a special
role in this deck, because not only can they
out opponents’ boss monsters, but you can then use
your Relinquished or your Thousand-Eyes Restrict or
your Millennium-Eyes Restrict to take these monsters and just
re-equip them back to yours. So it kind of deals with
both the problems, right? Like, you deal with their
boss monster, then you deal with the problem of having
to run over a Kaiju. You just take it, instead and get yourself some attack points in the process. There’s not really any rhyme
or reason to the ones I picked. You can just, whichever three you like. You could run four, but I think that three is a bit less quaggy. That’s all for the monsters! So now, for the spells, we’ve
had three Relinquished Fusion. So you get to fusion summon
an Eyes Restrict monster just by banishing stuff
from your hand or Grave. You can also, during that same Main Phase, you get to banish, discard,
and then target one of your opponents’ effect
monsters and equip it to your Relinquished Monster,
or your Fusion Monster. That’s handy. It actually means that you can use your Thousand-Eyes Restrict
or Millennium-Eyes Restrict, take something, and then
use Relinquished Fusion and take something else. So, you give it, like, two materials. It’s really only useful for
Millennium-Eyes Restrict, ’cause it gets the negations. It can have a lot of
things equipped to it, unlike the others. And, Relinquished Fusion is
searchable, which is nice. Three copies of Black Illusion Ritual to summon Relinquished and
because you need to run three so that you can run your
three Preparation of Rites. This is a godsend in this deck, sometimes, for getting materials that you need to summon a Relinquished. It’s a plus one, the works. Two Preparation of Rites
to get Relinquished and recover your Black Illusion Rituals. These are just sort of
staple things you’d expect to see in most Ritual decks. Then we have three
copies of Instant Fusion. Instant Fusion is a way to easily summon Thousand-Eyes Restrict,
take an opponent’s monster. And even though it dies in the End Phase, you will then be able to, you know, have the opponent’s monster go with it. So, it’s a handy out. And it can give you
some fodder or something to use with a Fusion. Foolish Burial for
pitching the aforementioned Graveyard-based monsters in this deck. And two Allure of Darkness. These are just draw power. Not much more to say. You got a deck of almost
entirely dark monsters. And, Interrupted Kaiju Slumber. So, this is another Kaiju thing. Since you’re running three Kaijus, why not have a Dark Hole? It then summons more Kaijus
to give you attack power, and then you can use your Fusions to take the other Kaiju and get a
lot of strength on the board and blow your opponent out very quickly. That’s all for the main deck. Now, for the extra deck, we’ve got two Millennium-Eyes Restrict. I’m supposed to have three. I don’t know what
happened to my third copy. It was somewhere around here. ‘Cause, as you can see,
I’m running three Fusions, so you would wanna run
three copies of this to complement that. Then we’ve got triple
Thousand-Eyes Restrict. In Thousand-Eyes Restrict, what’s cool is you can summon it with
the new Millennium or, yeah, the new Fusion, Relinquished Fusion. Or, you can use it with Instant Fusion. So, both of these can be
summoned with Instant Fusion, but this kind of comes to mind more often. You’d rather have a way
for this to come out where he will stay on the field. So, that’s all for your Fusion monsters. We’ve got some Xyz. Sylvan Princessprite, ’cause you got lots of level one monsters. There are the rank ones
that you could probably use, but I didn’t have any on hand. So, Abyss Dweller, Castel, Utopia suite. You have a few level four monsters, so these might just come up. Not often, but who knows? And then we’ve got some Links. Decode Talkers, Saryuja,
Borreload, Linkuriboh, and Underclock Taker. They each just come up at different times. It kind of, like, depends, really, right? I’d say that the most useful one, probably be Linkuriboh,
because it takes level ones and you can also bring
it back from the Grave, then link upwards to
some other things like Decode Talker or Saryuja. You could also outfit this extra deck with a few more, like I said,
Link One, or not Link One, but Rank One Xyz monsters
and those types of things. Those all come in a lot of handy. And that is it for the deck. Hopefully you guys liked it. It’s Relinquished. Like I said, it’s a fun deck. It’s not gonna be winning
major tournaments anytime soon. But, you can do a lot
of things with this deck that will still take people off guard. So, yeah, if you liked the
video, give it a thumbs up. Subscribe, leave a comment
with your feedback. How do you run this deck? What suggestions do you have for mine? Maybe I’ll use it in a Duel, if I can. And that’s gonna be it! So, I will see you guys in the next video.

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79 thoughts on “Relinquished Eyes-Restrict! 2018 Yu-Gi-Oh Deck Profile!

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    Also, I actually run a Relinquished Deck with Copycat, Sangan, Witch of the Black Forest, Junk Synchron and some support for that for a really gimmicky Deck based on making Junk Warrior super powerful and OTKOing with Scrap Fist making you unable to be stopped.

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    Check out my Relinquished Eyes Restrict deck profile! If you liked it, then give it a Thumbs Up!
    Remember, you can also vote at the end to let me know how I did! Thanks in advance!

  10. Paul I really like this archetype among other classic ones like DM red eyes, and blue eyes. But I am so annoyed that all legacy support is so expensive. Do you think they should remain more pricey for the value of collecting or do you think that legacy support should be more of the accessible archetypes. I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this subject, anyway great profile looks really fun to play.

  11. Deck List:
    3 Relinquished
    3 mellineum eye illusionist
    2 faceless magician
    3 Manju
    Predaplant engine (Google it – 3 Scorpio 1 cobra)
    1 armageddon knight
    1 Kinka Byo
    2 relinkuriboh
    3 kaiju any


    1 interrupted kaiju slumber
    3 Relinquished fusion
    3 black illusion ritual
    3pre preperation of rites
    3 instant fusion
    1 foolish burial
    2 allure
    Side deck
    3 m. Eyes restrict
    3 thousand eyes
    1 sylvan princess
    Castel Utopia abyss dweller
    Decode talker
    Borelload (spelling?)
    Underclock taker (spelling?)
    Saryuja (spelling?)

  12. This is very similar to my build, so here are a couple changes I'd suggest:
    1- swap the 3rd Thousand Eyes and for any Lvl 4 fusion for you to summon with Instant Fusion and have an easier time getting to your rank 4s.
    2- swap one of the scorpios for Lonefire Blossom, possibly adding a second copy; helps speed up the deck
    3- swap dweller for either Panzer Dragon (during EP, it gets destroyed by instant fusion and pops a card) or Grampulse for some form of S/T removal.

  13. Been waiting for this one! Even more excited because my deck has white sleeves for main and pink for extra.

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    the reaction you get is awesome when you monster reborn relenquished to equip relenquished 😛

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  18. Run Darkfire Dragon in the extra deck, instant fusion it, then normal Armageddon knight or Manju and boom. Instant Rank 4. Also, I'd reccomend the Radian Kaiju instead because they're allure targets.

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  22. great deck paul, building myself a similar one. one great play you didnt mention is if you can get illusion faceless mage in the grave, then use insta fuse for thousand eyes, faceless mage's effect kicks once tousand eyes is destroyed from insta fuse, getting thousand eyes right back on the feild. great way to get rid of two monsters at once, one being destroyed when insta fuse destroys thousand eyes, but when he returns you can scoop up one more monster, at least im pretty sure you can use his effect again lol.

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  25. Sorry but How can I use Millenium Eyes Restrict? I mean, If I managed to summon it and the opponent knows what it does, he/she may not summon a monster w/ effect and just summon a normal monster and will just destroy M.E. Restrict. Unless the enemy doesn't know what it does

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