Reliance Launches Jio Fiber

At the 42nd AGM of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani launched the Jio Fiber. This is a three in one service. The first is, lifetime free voice calls from landline phones. The second is high speed internet and the third is a television set-top-box. These are the three services. It will launch on 5th September 2019, which is the third anniversary of Reliance Jio. To avail this, customers will have to pay a refundable security deposit of Rs 1500 and Rs 1000 installation charges. This service will be free for the first two months for customers to test. If you are interested you can register on this website. Initially, the Jio Fiber connections will be available in selected cities only. The services starts from only Rs. 700 per month for 100 Mbps internet speed to 1 Gbps for Rs 10,000 a month. Compared to the prices of other services, these are extremely cheap. From all over India, they have already received 1.5 crore registrations. Their aim is to cover 2 crore residencies and 1.5 crore business establishments across 1,600 towns in India. The complete lists of plans and prices have not been announced yet. Details will be released on 5th September 2019. Mukesh Ambani announced that voice calls from home will be free forever. However international calls to the USA and Canada will cost Rs 500 per month. After this, you can enjoy 24-hour free calls. The Jio Forever Plans will give users free 4k LED television, HD and 4k set-top box. It is the customers choice. They have another plan called the ‘Jio First Day First Show.’ It will allow customers to watch movies in their living rooms on the same day they are released in theatres. It will be launched in 2020. Reliance aims to sell this service to 1 billion people.

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