Reigns is a medieval game of life or death

Reigns is a new game, currently featured by
Apple, that quite different than others I’ve played. You are a king and the answer to whether you
live or die is in the cards. Quite literally. As ruler, you are presented with a deck. Each card is someone in your kingdom who asking
for help or notifying you of a problem on the rise. How you answer determines your fate. A swipe to the left is one answer, the right
another. But the tricky part is you need to juggle
resources. You have to keep the people and the church
happy, while having enough money and troops to keep your kingdom safe. It is really easy to splurge your recourses
in one area, for a good reason, but it will cost you..your life and your reign. Layering on top of this delicate dance of
power is objective you need to fulfill: meet a witch, recruit a minstrel, have an heir,
and other kingly-type duties. Each time you fulfill an objective you are
rewarded with new cards in the deck to make the game more interesting and hopefully less
deadly. An interesting element is that every game
you play is kept in a timeline and each new play uses the decks you have built out in
your past lives. As you browse your timeline, for each reign
you are given a name and title that best describes what type of ruler you were like Henry the
blessed, George the Sourcer, or James the Wicked. This naming convention strangely helps you
remember past games and the mistakes you’ve made.. in a good way. I found the game to be quite clever. There are fun dynamics between certain recurring
character in your deck like the doctor and the witch. As you build trust, certain characters tattle
and make fun of each other to you their trusted ruler. There are mythical elements to the game like
witches, werewolves, and even the threat of polyamory in your kingdom which lend to the
occasional giggle. Particularly in this rather odd stretch of
the game where you are making decisions while clearly on some sort of weird drug trip. As of now, I have played 30 or so games with
my longest reign being 26 years. It’s dark and weird game but entertaining
and worth it if you’re looking for something different to play. Reigns is $2.99 on the app store and Google

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