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14 thoughts on “Regulation ahead for big tech?

  1. Please! Please Maria ! Please ! Let this be true. I believe Mark Zuckerberg..his chicom wife is a plant a handler she reports back to China. Monitors him. I know it. He sold all our information to China. THEY ARE OBSESSED WITH US.

  2. Do it now. Every delayed minute is a decade delayed in the tech world. Tech moves faster than the speed of law or bureaucracy. We need to enable our intelligence and military apparatus to take fast actions against Techs, big and small. Big and small Techs are the largest tool for our Nation's enemies to use to gather intelligence on our military personnel. One string of code implanted in a widely used app, OS, or popular piece of hardware can shut the world's computer systems down. Heck, Amazon, Google and others have "accidentally" shut the internet down before. Were those test runs? The problem is we do not know and tech moves too fast for us to find out.

  3. It will not regulate itself and is targeting conservatives and political groups violating our first amendment rights as Americans! They have set themselves up to require oversight!

  4. I've been hearing "Tech reg" for the past 4 years. Should have been years ago. Fox is becoming a propaganda network repeating stuff we've already seen to indoctrinate the masses. We know the government is paid off by big tech. There never will be regulation because people Zucker and Bezos have Congress and the Senate in their pockets.

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