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Reddit gets official app, Luxe confirms big
investment, a new Star Wars trailer and more… It’s Thursday April 7th, and this is Crunch
Report. After editing over 150 Episodes of Crunch
Report I’m taking over just for today. Attention lurkers and karma hos alike. Reddit launched
their first official mobile app today. There are many third party Reddit apps including
the popular Alien Blue App which was acquired by Reddit but Reddit is killing Alien Blue
in favor of making an app that’s faster, more modern, and more useable for submitting a
repost to your favorite subreddit. According to the company 50% of neckbeards arrive by
mobile daily and they want to be more careful about that experience. Alex Le VP of consumer
product at Reddit says “We learned a lot from our passionate Alien Blue community about
what makes a great iOS app and we applied those learnings when building Reddit for iOS,
Due to limited resources, we decided to focus our efforts on making Reddit for iOS our primary
and official Reddit client.” Let’s just hope the hivemind is onboard with the change
Shout out r/trees A couple weeks ago we reported that there
were rumors that Luxe the on demand parking valet service had received a tidy sum of money
from an investor and today Luxe confirms that they have received a 50 million dollar cash
infusion from rental car company Hertz and that Hertz’s global holdings CEO Jon Tague
will be joining the Luxe board. Luxe says it plans to use the capital to invest in valet,
operations, product and engineering teams.The company says it will also introduce “new
services that complement its current parking and car services.” Facebook released a new suite of tools for
pages designed to help businesses better connect with people. A lot of the changes seem to
be around helping business utilize Messenger to communicate with customers and better promoting
of pages across the platform. Couple of the updates are – Pages will be showing vanity
Urls underneath business names like @TechCrunch under TechCrunch. Messenger links and codes
will help customers more easily start conversations with businesses. This is all a big push to
get businesses to engage more with customers via messenger which Facebook thinks that business
pages can and should no longer ignore. Here some more info coming out of the Apple
FBI San Bernardino Shooting case. Since the FBI dropped the case People want to know how
the FBI was able to unlock Farook’s phone without Apple’s help. Well today the FBI
is saying their method doesn’t work on any iPhone 5S or newer. The FBI has disclosed
the method to some US Senators but one thing is for sure they don’t want apple to know
how its done so they can exploit the security hole for future cases. The thing about this
that sucks is that we there is a possibility that millions of our devices can be hacked
now by the FBI and we just have to be like oh it’s the FBI they seem trustworthy. Yeah
go ahead keep it a secret. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god… There is
a new teaser trailer for the spinoff Star wars movie Rogue One and it has all of us
excited over here in the TechCrunch offices. Rogue One is a Prequel of sorts but a completely
standalone movie that is supposed to happen after a New hope and be the story of how the
rebel alliance got their hands on the plans for the death star. Its such an exciting day
Star Wars baby! That’s the report for today. I’m Tito
Hamze. Crunch Report airs every weekday at 7 pm Eastern,
4 pm Pacific, on You can also find us on iTunes, and on YouTube. Hi Mom!

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