Real Life Spider-man Tech THAT ACTUALLY EXISTS!

Hey guys after a ton of requests we’re finally taking on some Spider-man projects. Now Spider-man’s always been one of my favorite heroes and if you’re watching this video probably one of yours too. One of the things I really like about spider-man is he’s almost feasible. It’s within the realm of possibility that someone could become Spider-man. Okay, well, maybe not the crazy strength, but the ability to climb walls, swing from webs, and the crazy agility, that’s all possible! I mean there are rock climbers out there who can put even cartoon Spider-man to shame and beat him in a race. And cartoon Spider-man? He doesn’t even have to follow the basic laws of physics or gravity. Eight feet per second! That’s faster than some people jog. Let’s see if I can even crawl that fast. Foreseeably if you train really hard you could actually get to the fitness level of Spider-man. I mean, minus the strength of ten men obviously and then if you couple above-average fitness ability with the right technology, you could become Spider-man. Heck I’ve already made electromagnet climbers which allow me to climb metal walls. So the question is: What other spider-man technology could we make and what technology already exists? AI: Activating reconnaissance drone James: The cool thing is a drone like this is actually possible and in fact we got a DJI spark from TomTop and while it’s a bit bigger than this drone, it’s almost as functional. Spider-Man: Woah, has that been there this whole time? That’s awesome! AI: Proceed to Southwest window James: There’s also an official toy version of the Spider-man drone, so what if we can actually make a docking system, so it can actually attach to spider-man costume and fly off just like in the movie. What do you guys think? Should we do it? Let us know in the comments below So besides the drone what other spider-man technology could be made real? Now what if you wanted to be a bad guy? Vulture’s wingsuit is actually possible, it’s basically a giant drone. And the way our EDF design for the flying like Iron Man project is going, we might be flying like vulture instead. Did you know there are dozens and dozens maybe even hundreds of youtube channels dedicated to trying to bring Spider-man technology to life? It’s awesome most of the channels are trying to figure out how to make real life web fluid. After all that is Peter Parker’s claim to fame, becoming Spider-man. Unfortunately while I think web fluid might actually be possible, it’s pretty unlikely someone’s gonna make it at home. I feel like it’s gonna be a university research lab that cracks the code. But, I could be wrong. For argument’s sake let’s say someone discovered web fluid what if one of those channels I listed actually figured out how to make real working web fluid Then what? No, seriously then what? If you’ve made web fluid you’re gonna want to swing from it. Do you know how hard it is to swing from one arm? Oh? You know how hard it is to do it without dislocating your shoulder I’d show you but my shoulders still healing from being dislocated while testing star-lords jetpack Ahhhh god *popping shoulder back into place* Feels better now Still very painful Geez… Ow… So let’s say you did have the strength to swing from webs or like Alan Pan has shown in his Spider-man project, a hidden body harness That can take the weight from your arm Which by the way, I think is kind of cheating using a harness and besides how are you gonna fit that underneath a spandex Spider-man costume? But seriously though you should check out his series of videos on Spider-man projects he’s making his own web-slinger’s and they look pretty awesome. Anyway, if you’re capable of swinging without dislocating your shoulder either by mutant strength or some kind of body harness How are you gonna actually grip on to the web? If it’s only a few millimeters in diameter I don’t think even the strongest rock climber could hang on to this let alone climb it and let’s be honest having a hidden hook Or carabiner, that’s not gonna work either, and it’s not very Spider-man. How are you gonna swing and release with one of these? That’s where I come in. I want to bring my engineering knowledge to the Spider-man fandom I want to figure out how we’d actually hang on to Web ropes, and if that goes well Then develop web shooters, enough talking about it Let me show you what I made So this is my little pet project that I’ve been playing around with on the weekends. Basically, I’m trying to make a compact mechanism that can go on your hand or wrist and allow you to have superhuman grip strength allowing you to hold a Kevlar rope. Now a design itself is actually pretty simple. I borrowed something from sailing. You see, on sailboats there’s actually something called a rope clevis which pinches a rope in between it and the harder you pull the rope the tighter it grabs the rope. Unfortunately, they don’t make them small enough for Kevlar line or strong enough Which means I’ve had to design my own. To do this I used a combination of my CNC laser cutter and 3D printer to prototype the parts. My very first one I made out of acrylic because it’s super quick to laser cut and the plastics actually pretty strong. From there the design continued to evolve I started focusing on the ergonomics. I again, used wood to shape it to my hand to figure out what approximate size I want it to be. From there I created a 3D model and finished the actual mechanism, which works quite well. As you can see I’ve also evolved the cam gear design throughout the process. I started with 3D printing the cams and then I ended up using our Mark 2 3D printer which actually prints in carbon-fiber to actually reinforce the teeth of the gear which I found necessary for this to work. And finally We have revision 11, which works, but I’m not done with the design yet Basically you slide the rope in between the gears and then when you pull on it it actually tightens. We can go a bit higher Damnit As you can see still need some work, but we’re almost there You’re still recording So one of the current issues of the design is because it is 3d printed There is still some flex in the entire system So as you can see even though the gears mesh together like that, if you push really really hard you can actually get them to pop through and that’s what just happened. So in order to fix this what we might end up having to do is actually machine the parts using our CNC mill But there’s still a few other things that I need to try fixing, before we go that route. Man, that really stinks. As you can see I have a bit of work ahead of me before I can get this prototype working properly. But, we’ve made quite a bit of progress and you’re gonna want to make sure you’re subscribed because this is gonna be a really cool project. My goal is to be able to climb a three millimeter Kevlar rope all the way of the ceiling and then swing from it too. Plus we’re working on a spider-man costume to go with it. My fingers hurt… Like I lost skin on the index finger, and then I’ve got like a friction burn on the middle finger Goodbye fingerprint Did you know Kevlar super abrasive it’s like a friggin saw blade.

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  2. i think the web/string should be gripped by the same device that ejects it. when you activate the shooter, the web should be propelled outwards until the desired length is achieved and then held in place by those gears or some other mechanic. when the device is activated again, blades should simply snip the existing web either before or after the gears and then continue shooting web.

  3. Small carpet nails in motorcycle gloves would probably allow you to climb and hold on by digging into either the material itself or would work great with 550 paracord I’ve seen that stuff use to pull stuck vehicles out of sand and mud must cars wouldn’t the torque to brake it without momentum

  4. Ideas and basically if you want to make a
    Darth Maul‘s light saber
    Or a Darth Vader light saber

    I’m at the iron spider suit with the spider legs coming out of the back
    Schacher Shock

  5. you know that stuff in the arisol party string cans right?
    well it kind of has a few similar properties to Spidey's webs in the fact that it's liquid inside of it's container that turns somewhat solid when it touches oxygen. maybe if you want to figure out how to make the webs you should use that as a base.

  6. I think that it should funsion like a car, that the web shuter should be on the bak side on the wrist like when he had the blak suit like a wotch and I think that the shuter should hold the line fore you instad of you hold it

  7. Or you could just make the web thicker and stickier… (i know its late commenting i just got the thougt now) also great video!


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