REAL Iron Man Laser! — Mind Blow #21

A robot designed to scratch your itch? Oh,
and here’s a palm laser so that you can be like Iron Man. VSauce, Kevin here. This is Mind Blow. A multi-touch LCD wall was rigged to play
Fleet Commander – a real-time strategy game developed at the electronic visualization
laboratory. It’s a Star Wars game and watching these kids play it reminds me of Ender’s Game. Watching this Tetris Master reminds me never
to think I’m good at Tetris again. And watching this might make you barf. It’s
the steepest RollerCoaster in the world. It’s located in Japan and has a 43 meter drop with
a 121 degree freefall. To cool off after the ride visit the Japanese
Frozen Aquarium. It showcases 450 specimens of marine life frozen in ice and illuminated
with blue light. “Hey, I’m wearing an episode of the Simpsons.”
You certainly are, sir. You certainly are. The world’s largest photo is on display at
the Culver Center of the Arts. The 32×111 foot photo was taken with the world’s largest
camera… Which is an abandoned aircraft hangar with a 6mm hole in the side that functions
as the aperture. Perhaps the most complicated way to take a
photo is with this Rube Goldberg machine. It took about 6 months to put together but
the results are well worth it…Check it out… After all that work, relax in the Hammock
House. It’s a five story hangout spot in Vienna meant to serve as an oasis of relaxation.
And outside of it is umm..this… Here’s some levitating water. It’s not a video
effect. This real, steady stream of water has a strobe effect on it to make it look
like individual floating droplets. And this is Flashed Face Distortion Effect.
The pictures of these women are not altered in any way. But if you stare at the cross in the middle
as the faces flash, their images appear to stretch and distort in a freakish manner. Finally, an epic animation referred to as Little Nemo,
from exactly 100 years ago. I’m gonna leave you with a riddle. There are two animation and three video game
references in this video. The first person to name them all will be our genius
of the week. So good luck and, as always, thanks for watching.

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100 thoughts on “REAL Iron Man Laser! — Mind Blow #21

  1. +c+t
    Does not equal
    Therefore it is false
    Wow I actually found a reason to use that weird math thing from logic class

  2. False, because only some dogs are tigs, meaning the other some are just plain dogs because dogs are never mentioned ever again

  3. False.Because if some cogs are tigs and all tigs are bons,some cogs are bons and since some bons are pabs,some cogs are pabs.

  4. "Real Iron man laser" Let me tell you how incorrect you are, for one, Iron Man does not have 1 single laser on him, IT MAY LOOK OR RESEMBLE a laser, but it's completely differewnt POWER , power output and power source. it';s not a laser.

    YES NOT, NOT a Laser… The moon? The moon resembles other formed planets, planets resemble Moons, however, although their both in space, and circular, they are not the same.

  5. Fake if you going to put up something real and is actually in the video I will be surprised for once your just trying to get subs well your sh***

  6. One of those references is fable 3. When u go into the house that those guys are in and touch a green ball then get really tiny and play a game like d and d inside fable 3

  7. …..there is no laser on Any mks of the iron man suits, only on the top of the wrists. facepalm

  8. False because only some cogs are tigs, and only some pabs are tigs. Therefore, only some cogs are tigs.

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