Raven Microcybernetics – Cyberpunk 2077 Megacorporations Lore

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Welcome to the MadQueen Show! I am your host the MadQueen On today’s menu, we have a new Cyberpunk
2077 lore video for you, and today we’re going to talk about the megacorporation
Raven Microcybernetics After the collapse of the 94, most products
that were considered basics for human existence were rendered obsolete and investors with
way too much money in their pockets and way too much thirst for more money were desperately
looking for solid companies and solid business to invest on, to protect their assets until
the crisis was over Infant technologies that were just being developed
at that time, like biotechnology and cybernetics, received an insane influx of money thanks
to that and helped them develop the technologies that would shape the world in the 21st century, such as biotechnology, biochemistry, cybernetics, and wetware When cybernetics started to appear, they were
mostly used to help those who lost a limb and needed it replaced, as well as military
applications where armies needed an edge to surpass their opponents’ physical capabilities Soon, it became a matter of necessity Cyber implants started being used for everything,
from opening the lock of your house to driving your car, if you did a physical job you needed them If you worked in a 21st-century corporation
you needed them Soon, you needed these cyber implants to give
you the edge over everything, people just needed them to survive This new relationship between people and machine
made Raven Microcybernetics one of the most powerful megacorps of the cyber age Although they weren’t in the business while
the crash of the 94 took place, they knew soon how to enter into it, how to extract
the most brilliant minds in the field and how to promote their products Every moment you spend living
is a moment you spend learning Spend less time learning
and more time living with Raven IntelPlus
brain implants Reality Redefined By Microcybernetics How did Raven Microcybernetics come into existence? In the tumultuous turn of the 21st century,
there was a brilliant scientific known as Corvus Crow After completing his doctorate when he was
only 19 years old, he worked as software engineer for Kenjiri Technologies developing the first
interface for the net He abandoned the project before its completion
to found his own company, BioDyne systems, corporation known for being the first in having
commercially available cyberlimbs But the crash hurt deep and Crow was smart
for business so by making a few well placed movements, by the time BioDyne declared bankruptcy,
Crow already owned his own Cybernetics company: Raven Microcybernetics That, by the way, bought BioDyne when it crashed Raven Microcybernetics, with headquarters
in Night City, is the leading American company in cyberware and wetware It’s famous for having always the cutting
edge technology in the market, including the full body conversions, and is respected, in
general, for their quality controls and modesty For a megacorp As you can guess, having the cutting edge
technology without having a monopoly makes you more enemies than friends, and companies
like Dynalar or International Electric would love to see them crush, that’s why Raven’s
security is so tight And also known for having a tight security. So you know, if you want to be a cyborg in
the cyber age, you know where to go to Reality redefined, by Microcybernetics Well, folks, thanks for watching Don’t forget to take a look at our Cyberpunk
2077 lore playlist to know more about the dark future See you in next videos and stay being amazing

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15 thoughts on “Raven Microcybernetics – Cyberpunk 2077 Megacorporations Lore

  1. Your cyberpunk 2077 link images you put on Twitter are just feasts for the eyes! The splendid style combo of cool design and 80's colours remind me of the golden years of the Corel Draw, Quark Express and Photoshop co-operation! They are truly lucky at your work that they have such a talented artist as you.

  2. As usual amazing work. Thank you for working as hard as you do for these videos. Your dedication to the lore is worthy of respect. On a side note, been playing Prey, and you are dead on about the artwork in the game. The architecture and all of it is just amazing to soak in.

  3. This technology is so cool. The temptation to risk cyberpsychosis and push your mods and augmentations to the limit would be hard to resist.

  4. Ghost In the shell? Blame ? entendi la referencia jpg.

    PD: mira la peli de Blame que me entere que va tener segunda parte.

  5. It's funny, I just saw a video recently from the freethink channel about cybernetic prosthetics. For some reason it started with the speaker talking about how there are tons of movies about AI going rogue and causing a dystopia, but that wasn't what he saw happening in real life… And then he started talking about prosthetics limbs… Because I guess he didn't understand that there's a difference…

  6. I'm noticing a theme with the names of most of the corporations – all have the word 'tech' in it. My guess is that everyone after the corporate war would need to heavily rely on these corporations to provide break through technology for the masses to need the deteriorating living conditions. Albeit other reasons like excessive population with limited access would also be a cause of all this. Hence these corporations use the word 'tech' to attract the average mind into thinking these companies would provide them with the most innovative breakthrough technology for meeting their demands in those living conditions.

  7. You'll have to wait for Sony PS5 until 2020:

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