Raise your vibration to the highest frequency 🔥 Guided meditation for gratitude

Oh, welcome to this. Get woke
meditation. I’m Jaron. Today we’re going to cultivate a
feeling that can transform the way we experience our lives for the better gratitude [inaudible]. Imagine what it would be like to regularly
feel grateful as you go about your day [inaudible] and to create a better
world out of that feeling. We’re going to do just that. Begin by relaxing into an uplifted posture and rest your hands comfortably
on top of your legs. With your palm spacing up, close your eyes and smile. Gently. Place your attention on
the feeling of your body breathing. Let’s just relax and appreciate this
time we’re taking to practice gratitude. Smiling will help us get there instantly. [inaudible] [inaudible]
[inaudible] [inaudible] let your mind expand into
the space around you. [inaudible] do you feel a connection to
the oneness of everything? [inaudible] if we become distracted by a thought
feeling or something in our environment, we can notice that and then gently
return our attention to breathing. [inaudible] there’s so much to be grateful for. Bring to mind something that you’re
grateful for in your own life. [inaudible] maybe a relationship, a pet, something about yourself or really
anything that brings you real joy. [inaudible] really try to picture them as
vividly as you can in your mind. Happy, smiling, and appreciate it. [inaudible] take these positive intentions and
notice where you feel them in your body. Where do you feel a sense
of happiness and gratitude? [inaudible] your feelings of gratitude. Have a
shape or sensation attached to them. Try to embrace that and rest in it. [inaudible] [inaudible] now let the thoughts and images in your
mind dissolve and just rest peacefully in empty. [inaudible] [inaudible] one way to practice gratitude is to
think about something you’ve taken for granted. It could be that you have a place to live
or other modern conveniences that most people have never had on this planet. Or You could think about all the people
behind the scenes who make your life better. The people who
grow the food you in, the person who randomly
made your day better, choose something that resonates with
you and try to feel that same sense of gratitude from earlier. It’s a true pleasure that
we have this life, isn’t it? That we have this experience. Think about a coincidence
that happened to you, which led to something great in your life. Maybe you met your true love at a wedding
or something amazing happened to you and consider whether this was all a
coincidence or if it was somehow attracted to you. [inaudible] [inaudible] we can deepen our gratitude
by helping others. [inaudible] try sending positive healing
white light somewhat in your life. Where are you grateful for? [inaudible] sent light that heals them. [inaudible] uh, [inaudible] now think of someone else in
your life that could use healing. Send that same positive healing
white light to them to smile. [inaudible] [inaudible] that was great. Let’s take one more chance to feel a
sense of gratitude for this one just as it is [inaudible] [inaudible]
[inaudible] mm [inaudible]. Remember that we can practice
gratitude in every moment of our day. Not only does it make our world better, it connects us to our higher
self and our unlimited potential. Thanks for joining. And if you believe that we’re here to
help others awaken to selflessness and their purpose, you are a lightworker. Learn more about that on my website
and subscribe to this channel for more transformative meditations like this
every Monday and Thursday on get woke with Jaron [inaudible].

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  1. Namste mere shastrad chakra aur aage chakra me khichav ban rahat hai . Iska kya matlab hai. Is he aur kaise aur badaya ja sakata hai

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