Rainn Wilson, Soul Pancake | Ep. 5 | Acting Disruptive

Rainn: It’s important to
rebel against the status quo, and the status quo right
now is materialism, superficiality, popularity. So real rebellion would
be like being a poet. (lively music) They are artists, innovators,
and media pioneers famous names that are
challenging the status quo. This is Acting Disruptive. (lively music) Rainn: Here we are. What do you think? Max: I think it’s pretty cool. Rainn: Yeah. Max: This is where the batter is made. Rainn: This is where we make the batter. (lively music) Max: For viewers out there who might not know what Soul Pancake is, in your own words what is it? Rainn: We’re a media company that wants to inspire and challenge our viewers, connect people through social
media, and video content. Max: When did you start it? Rainn: I started it when The
Office was just getting going. I forget. It was just the second or maybe the third year of The Office, and I got together with some friends, and I wanted to do something really cool and different so
SoulPancake.com got started as a place for people to pose
their life’s big questions. Max: What is it like coming
from a show like that, and then producing
content for the internet? Rainn: Entertainment used to be owned by three networks and
like five movie studios. Then these eight entities,
all entertainment came from them, all of it, but nowadays, you can have laptop
camera and do your daily little monologue into your camera, and you can have millions of views a day. It’s the people’s medium. Want to know what’s really
disruptive to the world? Don’t be jaded and cynical. It’s so easy. What’s hard is really connecting, and staying pure of heart
and positive of intention. Max: But it obviously seems to come from a very personal place for you. Rainn: I have a talk show on Soul Pancake which I’m really excited about called Metaphysical Milkshake. (lively music) Max: Metaphysical Milkshake. Rainn: I get to talk to interesting and well-known people
about life’s big questions and their life story, and their spiritual and artistic journeys,
and I do it in the back of my 1970s custom van. Max: That sounds like it would be creepy if any other person were doing that. Rainn: It’s pretty creepy. Max: Is it? Rainn: Yeah, it’s pretty creepy. Feast your eyes. Max: This is the van. Rainn: This is it. (door opening) Max: Okay, that’s kind of creepy. Rainn: What do you think? Male: It’s a shag carpet. Rainn: A shag. (door slams) Hey, Claudia. How you doing? Max: I’m surprised people wave back when you’re in a van that looks like this. Well, from the outside
it’s actually pretty nice. Rainn: People all know
me. They love me here. Max: Yeah, I’m sure the
parents just love it. What’s coming up for Soul Pancake? Rainn: One thing we want
to do with Soul Pancake eventually is bring it more
into the educational space and we thought about a second book that’s much more of like a workbook for teachers making philosophy more fun and more interactive and not so cerebral and academic. Max: I have your book on me. Rainn: Yeah. Max: I noticed that in the book you ask a lot of big questions. Rainn: Yes. Max: Actually on every page almost there’s like a list of questions
down at the bottom, I guess to inspire readers
to introspect, right? Rainn: Yeah, exactly. Max: I’m going to ask you a few of them. Is that okay? Rain: Please. Max: Does every question have an answer? Rainn: No. Absolutely not. It’s more about living in the questions, and in the search and in the journey than finding any specific answer. Max: What paralyzes your creativity, and what fuels it? It’s
a two-part question. Rainn: That’s a great
question. Did I write that? Max: I think so. Yeah. Rainn: Wow! I love it. Distractions paralyze it, my creativity, and nature fuels it. They’re good answers. Max: Yeah. Rainn: That was good, right? Max: That was really good. Rainn: Makes me sound smart. Max: Yeah, I’ve got another question. Rainn: Yeah. Max: Do you have to experience doubt before you can reach certainty? Rainn: What? Max: Do you have to experience doubt before you can reach certainty? Rainn: You know what? Male: What? Rainn: Get out. Max: What? Rainn: Get out. Max: You want to … Rainn: I’ve had enough. I mean it. Out! Max: What? (lively music)

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