Rain Pants: coming soon on Kickstarter

Dear Cycling Family, my name is Roland and I love riding bicycle. That’s why we are making a waterproof rain pants to ride bicycle that will we launch on Kickstarter on the 1st of September. It’s made for urban cyclists and people who travel around the world with their bike. We are doing the prototypes right now. That’s why we need your help. We need to hear your feedbacks. If your ride bicycle it would be awesome to read your answer. So let me show you briefly what we’ve got yet. First we use a waterproof membrane that resist 22.000mm of heavy rain. Then we have two lateral zippers to make to easy to take your pants on and off. You have one lateral zipper on the left and one on the right side. So it just takes a few seconds to take the rain pants off. Then on the ankles you have some velcros so that the pants does not get stuck with the chain. We also added velcros on the hip to make it easily adjustable. Also in order to avoid over heating We added two front zippers so that air can easily come in. We also created the pants so it has great mobility We made special sews around the knees so that you have a great mobility so that everything would flow well while riding your bicycle. There’s no front zipper. I don’t know if you would like some? The only pocket there is on the back This is the pocket on the back of the rain pants. Normally you should be able to pack the entire pants within the pocket but it’s too small this time so normally on the next prototype you should be able to see the entire waterproof pants packed here. We also added this little cord so that you can carry the rain pants everywhere. The cool thing is that the waterproof zippers make it very easy to put your pants on and also to take it off. It really takes a few seconds to take off your rain pants. Regarding the feet, we are working on waterproof socks para mantener tus pies secos. So this is what we have yet Your point of view is essential for this project to be successful. So please share with us your point of view in the survey. We really appreciate it. Thank you so much to all of you for watching this video. Your support means the world to us. So please… Ride in Peace.

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3 thoughts on “Rain Pants: coming soon on Kickstarter

  1. Interesting way of getting them on & off. The socks look handy as well…
    Most important is we can breath so we don’t get condensation or sweaty on the inside – no doubt your using the same fabrics that your jackets use. Look forward to seeing the next launch

  2. que tengan grandes bolsillos para la versión de Damas, para poder guardar el celular, llaves, etc
    Y venga de otros colores además del negro, como gris o marron

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