Quick Updates | Felgrand Blue-Eyes Deck (DECEMBER / Diciembre 2017) (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Presented by El Exordio del Duelista DECK ANALYSIS Felgrand Blue-Eyes STATS | Offensive 8 | Defense 7 | Consistency 7 | Versatility 7 | Recovery 7. Final Score 7.2 Approximate cheaper price of the Deck: $111 without the cards showed Playstile: Deck focused on summoning high level Dragons to make a lot of damage to your opponent with them. The deck also send their Dragons with high ATK to the Graveyard to summon them easier with Arkbrave Dragon and Return of the Dragon Lords. This way, the Deck will be able to gain a strong field presence to finish the Duel Quickly. ADVANTAGES (Positive Aspects) 1) Excellent making OTKs 2) Return of the Dragon Lords gives to the Deck an incredible offensive and defensive option to summon and protect your Dragons. 3) Amorphage Goliath can easily give to you the victory if your opponent use a lot the Extra Deck. DISADVANTAGES (Aspectos Negativos) 1) Too vulnerable to Handtraps like Ash Blossom & Joyous Sprig and Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit. 2) Can easily brick with so many high level Monsters and Spells. 3) Without Return of the Dragon Lords the Deck it’s too vulnerable to destruction cards like Raigeki. TIP#1 If you open with a bad hand, try to send to the Graveyard Amorphage Goliath to summon it easier. This way, if your opponent use a lot the Extra Deck, you will have more time to gathering enough resources to make your regular plays. TIP#2 The most consistent way to send your Dragons to the Graveyard it’s with Number 92: Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon. So, the most recommended it’s to make all the possible to summon it at the start of the game to start with a strong field presence. YGOPRO Link Custom Download! Download our custom version of the Ygopro Percy with Link Monsters in the description of the video! EXORDIO WALLPAPERS: Download this Wallpaper, custom Sleeves for Ygopro and our pack of over 15 Wallpapers designed by us in the description of the video!

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71 thoughts on “Quick Updates | Felgrand Blue-Eyes Deck (DECEMBER / Diciembre 2017) (Yu-Gi-Oh)

  1. 10:27 queríamos comentarles que en el Decklist del video no se está incluido Maxx C; sin embargo, en la versión final lo incluimos. El Decklist ques e encuentra en la descripción del video tiene el Decklist final que coincide con el del Archivo YDK. Disculpen el inconveniente.

    ENG: 10:27 we wanted to tell you that Maxx C is not included in the Decklist of the video; however, in the final version we include it. The Decklist that you find in the description of the video has the final Decklist that matches with the Deck of the the YDK File. Apologize for the inconvenience.

  2. I find it bs that the pendulum magician player opened DOUBLE DRUNKEN ELEPHANT IN TEO TURNS! Most magician decks only use 1 elephant

  3. Sigo pensando que el nuevo formato ha asesinado a más barajas de las que ha dado vida…
    Aún así, buen vídeo. Gracias por la actualización de esta baraja tan divertida

  4. I love blue-eyes but my problem with it is you trade the card advantage other decks can get for stronger monsters that end up not being worth it a lot of the times

  5. Yo uso un blue-eyes mas enfocado a hacer xyz y me resulto bien el añadirle a galaxy wizard para asegurar dos monstruos de nivel 8

  6. Ese ruling y efecto de evenly Match está mal en el yugipro? Qué no se debe quedar el contrario con un sola carta porque Evelyn cuenta como una? Cuando se tira de mano

  7. This by far is my favorite version of felgrand/blue-eyes! Good job! I should be able to make the deck too since I have the majority of the cards already

  8. Muy buen deck tío exordio, dos consultas, la primera es saber con que podría cambiar el dragunity que ocupa, y la segunda es saber cuándo mostrarás la receta metalfoes. Un saludos y felices fiestas

  9. 3:47 How did Evenly Matched wipe out the whole board? It should have left 1 card because Evenly Matched COUNTS as a card on the user's field. o.O

  10. At 4:55 for dragon knight of creation I see that he didn’t destroy a monster but he was able to special summon off of him without destroying a monster I don’t under how that happened?

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