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Hi Everyone! We are walking through the streets of Manhattan. And I have Delaina with me. Hi! And if you guys remember, she wrote an article about me in her magazine Diva Gals Daily, so you guys go check her out. It’s Divagalsdaily.com right? Yes, Diva Gals Daily…life, entertainment, and travel. So you guys definitely go check her out. And we are on our way to the Salvation Army to do some thrifting in Manhattan and we’re taking you guys along with us. Let’s go! [music] Made it! Yes! [music] Yay! What am I…Oh, I know what I’m looking for. I had a…I had a…I know what I need. It’s a project I want to do. So I found these military flight pants while
thrifting in Manhattan and I love the that they are high waisted,
have big cargo pockets, a button fly, and you can cinch them at the
ankles. But what really made me buy them is the white
lines that someone drew on them as if they were going to do something to them but never got around to it. They were a lot more defined, but I washed
them so now they’re pretty faint. So I decided to do a quick thrift flip and turn them into super cute pair of DIY
cargo pants with random awesome jean pockets. The first thing I’m going to do is pick the
jean pockets that I want to use in the denim washes that I think are most
complementary. Once I have the jeans I’m going to use, I start to take off the pockets. I’m cutting this one off because it has that
extra pocket at the top. Then, I’ll cut out these back pockets and use a seam ripper to detach the rest of
the pockets. Next, I’ll figure out where I want the pockets. I really like the layered look, so I’ll kind
of use that as a theme trying to make everything balanced without
feeling like it needs to be symmetric. Once I’m satisfied with the placement, I’ll pin them down. Since, my pockets are layered I’ll sew down
the bottom pockets first. But first let me tell you that sewing the
pockets down would be so much easier if you take the inside
leg seam apart. However, I was being really lazy and didn’t
want to have to seam rip that whole seam, so I maneuvered the pants onto the sewing
machine to sew them down without taking that seam apart. Honestly, it might have been faster to just
take the seam apart but that let’s you know how much I just did
not want to use that seam ripper at that point. So I finally got that pocket sewn down and then moved on to the one layered on top
of that. I wanted to keep that double pocket so I just folded the extra fabric under and
sewed the pocket down. For the next one, since I layered it over
the existing pocket and under the flap I need the buttons to come through so that
the flap can still button. So I’ll add a pins where the buttons are and then add button holes. And I must admit that making button holes
using the button hole foot and button hole setting is something I definitely
need to work on in my non-existent spare time. So, I’ve just been doing it with a regular
foot for now. And once I get the button holes open I can
add the pocket over the buttons and then sew it down. And for this one I decided to leave the edge
exposed and let it fray. Lastly, I’ll use white fabric paint and a
thin paint brush to add the lines back in that inspired me so much in the first place. I even decided to add a few more lines than
before. So here’s our quick thrift flip and these
actually turned out so much better than I imagined. And they are so perfect paired with my ribbed
bodysuit upcycle from a couple weeks ago. And I love them buttoned or unbuttoned, wide or cinched at the ankle. I just…Uh, they are so amazing! And for more denim upcycles like these cargo
pants and this bag, check out this playlist. And definitely subscribe so you don’t miss
what I do next. See you in the next one. Bye!

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