Quartz’s New App Delivers News Via Chat

If you’re tired of news apps all look the
same, you’ll want to check out Quartz’s new iPhone app which launched today. Quartz
scrapped the more conventional feed approach by introducing a chat messaging interface
to discover today’s news. Using a clear and clean design, the Quartz
bot interacts with you, offering up potential news stories for you to read. You can choose
to get more information about or move on. Links, which include some stories that aren’t
from Quartz, are subtly held within some (but not all) chat bubbles. There’s a dash of
playful emojis and GIFs and the bot uses ‘while typing’ icons, just traditional chat. That’s really about it, it’s super simple
and a real breath of fresh air. Of course there are some limitations, such
as a lack of topics AND the fact that it takes longer than just scrolling through the days
top news. But this chat approach does make the app standout. With a little more personalization
it has potential to complement your existing news apps.
Quartz is taking a big step to learn more about the future of messaging as a news medium.
So if you want to give it a try, Quartz is a free download on iOS and also Apple watch.

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