Q&A Tuesday! (Amazon, Negotiating Business Deals, & YouTube Marketing)

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today is day six yesterday was day five of Veda and I’m blogging Brandi if you
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in honor of Veda today is Q&A Tuesday and if you followed my livestream
yesterday then you would know that we just come back from space case in
Florida and now we’re back in Atlanta I travel in my RV we are back in my studio
that you probably recognize from a lot of YouTube videos one of the questions
that I asked yesterday was by Robert Beltran thank you Robert for submitting
your question and watching my videos I do read your comments and the question
Robert had to ask was hey Brandi when you were lobstermen yesterday what was
this box in the background that says bulk be ulq so Robert let me tell you
what this box is this is bull and this is my MX change business so it’s a
reseller reselling business and bulk comm is one of the places that I get my
inventory from for Ambe exchange this some stuff came in this box I don’t
saying this stuff and you’re way up here this stuff is some stuff that I get from
bulk and they have new items that they sell or you can get pallets of items so
these are just things that I sell toys and all kinds of random stuff so
can take a look at some of the random stuff that’s in here
yes lots of random stuff I know but that’s what I do
for actually that’s what I did when I quit my job and ever started my own
business was reselling items online so I actually quit a hundred thousand
dollar job reselling things online which turned into Ambe exchange which is a
blend of Amazon and eBay so you get MA and that’s one of my businesses so thank
you Robert for submitting your question for that if you have questions about
business I want to hear them so make sure you put them in the comments so
that you can be in my next video what else let’s see what other questions we
have that RV van life missed it we’ll try to catch the next stream next time
I’d like for you to talk about how you negotiate business deals seems likes
that seems like that is always the hardest part
thank you for your businesses well thank you RV van life for following me and my
crazy life my businesses I’m glad we have another rver
watching my content because that’s always exciting to me and always wonder
if our viewers care about having their own business or what they even do in
your rv’s you know to answer your question though about negotiating
business deals so it’s really a broad question but my guess is
maybe you have a product or service that you want to sell I think it depends on
what you’re trying to sell who you’re trying to sell it to I know for me I’ve
sold products on Amazon I’ve sat down with Walmart CVS Walgreens some very
major companies to put products in front of as well as I’ve done individual type
products like services so what I’m selling a service usually I’m trying to
sell it over the phone or maybe in a webinar and I’m convince someone to hire
me or buy a course of mine but either way I try to sell products and services
to people that can benefit them so I may have a phone call with someone or a
really good way is to build an email list which I put a video out today on my
black boss Channel which I’ll put a link to below this video so I actually
launched three videos today this one one for brand like a boss and the third one
is for our versity so I will put links to all those below this video and you
can follow all the craziness so if you’ve ever thought about making videos
or going into business and starting a YouTube channel you can do it I’ve done
it and like I said I’ve published launched edited three videos and they’re
all going out today and you’re probably like how did she do it well that’s a
great question I’m a freaking machine but back to your question about business
stills so I use YouTube to sell my products and services because what
happens is people find my videos through search engine so SEO and that gets them
into my sells funnel and then it kind of starts a
relationship it goes on from there but as far as face-to-face negotiation
negotiation it depends on who you’re talking to as far as on the internet I
try to build a relationship or a brand with someone before I try to sell to
them I guess I’d like to know maybe what you’re trying to sell who you’re trying
to negotiate with and I can better answer your question so I hope that kana
gives you some advice I know that probably is really broad but the
questions really broad so I don’t know who are you trying to negotiate a
business deal with and that might help you but obviously just building a brand
before trying to negotiate a business business deal it’s almost like a
relationship that you’re gonna build before the deal will ever happen so if
you build trust negotiating the deal is a lot easier yeah that helps thank you
for watching and submitting your question RV van live so what else do we
have okay so question number three in honor of Veda was submitted by Brady
Hester you’re the lucky one that gets to be in the video today so Brady said hey
brandy what would you recommend to someone just starting YouTube well Brady
my first question would be why are you making videos on YouTube I make videos
to help people so people come to YouTube because they are looking for answers to
questions or solutions to their problems and if they can find you in search
results then you can probably provide some type of benefit from that for them
and answer those questions or provide some type of solution to those problems
and they will hopefully want to follow your other content so are you selling a
product are you selling the service are you blogging if you’re vlogging what is
your motivation behind because I did look at your
channel Brady the one thing I notice is it looks like you made some vlogs I
guess my question would be why are you making them what’s the point behind it
and that would help direct your YouTube channel and the other thing is to set
your YouTube channel up so branding is really important bringing yourself
across social media branding yourself across YouTube branding yourself on a
website you want to have a full profile online but YouTube is a great place to
start because you can essentially build a vlog and a website and just have a
profile for yourself on YouTube it’s just what are you doing with those
videos I try to drop people from the videos to my email list or social media
or to buy a product or service or an affiliate link or hire me for something
either email marketing social media SEO video marketing to review a product or
service there’s tons of reasons that people hire me and I’ve done travel
partnerships with people and help promote like their campgrounds or
products and services with that so I’m into traveling as well as like business
marketing online and that’s why I make videos so if you see I have an are being
YouTube channel and I have a branding and business YouTube channel so our
versity is my RVing channel blab boss is my business and branding channel but
originally I used to put everything on this channel blog and brandy and it just
turned into a mess of content I finally figured out that I needed to separate
those parts of my business and segment them so part of nation down finding out
who your audience is and trying to connect with them so hopefully that
answers your question thank you for checking me out brady and submitting
your question to me hopefully if you have questions you will put them below
this video I’m blogging brindis today was Q&A Tuesday thank you for watching
my vlogs here on day six and I’m looking at the calendar
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as somebody said on the livestream yesterday you’re a weirdo
again this weirdo is signing off thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the
next video tomorrow

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