Put On Skateboard & Longboard Grip Tape CORRECTLY

bjbj Applying grip tape is really simple to
do. Now, there s a lot of different methods out there, but there s usually a step missed
here or there or it s not very thorough. So what I m going to do is show you the way I
ve been doing for many years, and it includes: how to lay down the grip tape really good
without getting any air bubbles, how to score it correctly, and how to cut it really easily.
So, check it out! Peel off the paper backing and grab both ends. Hold the grip tape square
over the board and make sure you re going to cover it from side to side and all the
way down. Your other fingers will let you know if you re going to cover it from end
to end. Put one end down pretty good so it doesn t accidentally go to one side. With
your opposite hand, rest the fingers that are not holding the grip tape on the edge
of the deck to hold the grip tape up high. When first applying, you might need to hold
the grip tape up higher. Now, here s the trick to not getting air bubbles: peel or angle
the grip tape towards you and then pat or slide your hand across. Angling the grip tape
allows you to apply it from one side to the other as you go end-to-end. The reason for
doing this is that the deck has concave. If you were to lay the grip tape down square
or flat, it would create a big air pocket in the center, and then when you pat the grip
tape down, it would create air-bubbles all over. Perfect! I ve got no air bubbles. The
next step is scoring the grip tape. Some people use a file; I ve never once used a file out
of the hundreds, probably over a thousand boards that I have grip-taped. Now, all you
want to do is just use whatever an old screw driver, a file you can use or just something
with a blunt edge (an old butter knife, if you wanted) or even just the backside of a
razor blade (I ve used that before.) Now, you just want to score it giving a quick and
hard line. You don t want to go over it a bunch of times. The reason is you re just
going to give it that thick, white line which is just going to give more space for the razor
blade to move on and you re just going to get a wavy edge. The thinner the line, the
straighter the edge is going to be, so it s all you want to do. So here, this is how
I did it Simple enough. Didn t do a whole bunch of scoring, didn t have to file it all
the way down to the board, just a really quick, thin line that s all you need. When scoring
where the nose or the tail meets the concave, the grip tape will have resistance. Take a
razor blade and slice from the edge of the deck to the edge of the grip tape and then
rescore. I like to lift the grip tape up around the edges, that way my hands don t stick and
it makes it a lot easier to cut. Take a close look at how I m holding the blade s not moving
side to side because I ve got my finger rested on the blade and the edge of the board. That
way it s going to have a nice clean cut on the edge of the grip tape. Now, just hold
that blade nice and steadily as you come around that turn and just go straight down the side.
What I m going to do now is take the scraps of the grip tape and just fold over the corners
(that way it won t stick to my hand) and what I m going to do is roughen up the edge of
the grip tape that s on the board. That way, the grip tape won t peel up for any reason
and it ll just make the whole thing look really nice and clean. Now, that was pretty easy,
wasn t it? If you still have air bubbles underneath the grip tape, just take your razor blade,
poke a hole through the center to squeeze out the air it should flatten it right out.
The next thing I m going to do is take a nail (you can use whatever you ve got) and poke
holes through the grip tape. That way I can mount my trucks and go skate. The last thing
I like to do is take a screwdriver and poke it into the truck-mounting holes to get rid
of the grip tape that s in there, that way it ll make it easier to put hardware in later.
Now you know how to grip tape a board in just three easy steps. It s just how you lay it
down without getting air-bubbles, scoring it and just getting that nice thin line and
then holding the razor blade really still so you get a nice, clean edge. Now all I have
to do is put trucks and wheels on this board and I can go skate! hI0v hF{‘ [Content_Types].xml
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100 thoughts on “Put On Skateboard & Longboard Grip Tape CORRECTLY

  1. Can you do duckle non-abrasive griptape? I feel like the method would be different in MANY ways. But great video!!

  2. Bro, i know your videos are kinda old, but bro. YOUR VIDEOS ARE WAAAAAAAY AMAIZING! Really, thanks for this amaizing videos <3.

  3. I followed this video and everything went okay, no bubbles only just a beginners cut on the edges. I think I'll be able to do it 100% clean with a sharper blade the next time 🙂

  4. thank you thank you thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu love it

  5. Thanks man it was my first time applying griptape didn't get any air bubbles. My line wasn't straight but I blame the dull razor and chipped board lol

  6. Well it took me three attempts but once I scored and cut the tape exactly the way it was done in the video, it actually looks pretty good. There is no need to score the tape any more then he does, and using your finger as a guide along the side of the deck when you cut is really important. While I'm sure the owner of the local skate shop can do a better job gripping a deck than I can, I'm not ashamed of the way my board looks now.

  7. Somehow I got grip tape all over my wheels and trucks…then I realized my board was upside down…he never covered this issue…grrrrrr

  8. I've been skating for 14 years and I haven't gripped my own board before. But I'm looking forward to doing it for the first time when Spring/Summer gets here 😀

  9. Just used this technique on my sons board – it worked perfectly – thanks! A very sharp blade is key to getting a smooth edge. 👍🏼

  10. this video was super helpful. scoring and cutting is really difficult though be warned. mines pretty rough around the edges, very choppy, but using the leftover tape to sand it down a bit really helps seal it on. the tips for keeping out air bubbles were super helpful. this was my first time taping and thanks to this vid i had no airbubbles at all

  11. Damn.. First time, and I have to say.. I fucked up.. Now I'm sad, cutting it was not as easy as I planned.. Aww.. :'(

  12. Simple I gripped my first board following this video and it turned out perfect and I’m a complete idiot.

  13. DUDE THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME THOUGH I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW MY DESIGN TEACHER THIS MAN HE'LL LOVE IT. For anyone wondering he made us create our own skateboards as prototypes for design team to use in class he said we can keep them but I opted out of keeping it because I wanted him to still have one for a model but since I'm having his class for my final year I'm going to hopefully make one and keep it to learn to skate.

  14. Great video, cheers.
    Really satisfying to watch when you were trimming the tape off. Put some grip tape on for the first time tonight, laying it down went fine, straight enough, not one bubble. Trimming the excess off was a total shit storm. And ended up looking messy. It'll do though. I used clear grip tape and it felt really brittle, is that normal?

  15. My first time tape gripping my skateboard did so well until the nose and the tail. I messed so bad but it was first time tho. At least decent.

  16. For a beginner I would definitely file at it over and over, I did it one hard time and when I tried to cut it, it turned out awful. I stopped halfway and filed back over it multiple times and then I had a clean cut.

  17. I just gripped my first board this worked so well, I've always asked my friends for help but now I decided it was time. For other people like me try it, believe me you wont screw up

  18. That upward camera angle caught me off guard, like I was all the sudden watching a SIIIIICK P.O.D music video

  19. I have a skateboard with wheels but no grip tape do I need to make the screw driver holes on the board or does it not matter

  20. Do I have to take off my trunks to put on the griptape? I don’t know how much too tighten it when I put them back in and I don’t think I’d need to take them off when putting on the grip tape ? :/

  21. Idk why but it annoys me how he didn’t use the back of the grip tape to put on top of the board and make sure there’s no air bubbles

  22. Dude, until 6 days ago I never skated in my life, and now an hour ago I successfully put a griptape on my first ever longboard and fitted it with matching black truck mount screws. Thanks to your tips and concise explanations, the whole process went like a breeze and produced a great result with smooth edges of the tape (even at the point where I restored a small dent in my board with ad-hoc engineering solutions), greatly appreciate this video, it really tells everything you need to know so even a complete noob like me can do it right. Thanks, dude, you rock

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