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Hi, I’m Julie with All-Spec Industries and I’m going to
show you a sampling of our PurSwab specialty applicators. All-Spec Industries carries several types of PurSwab applicators in a variety of sizes. We stock
cotton, foam and microfiber-tipped swabs with plastic, paper, polypropylene and wood shafts. The PurSwab 876-WC is a low-lint cotton-tipped swab with a wood shaft. It’s
popular for precision cleaning situations that require fast absorption and tear resistance. This is the PurSwab 872-PC DBL with lint-free double-ended cone-shaped tips and a paper shaft. This swab
is perfect for cleaning sensitive components such as disk drives, PC boards and optics. The PurSwab 1621-PF ESD swab features a foam tip attached to a static dissipative, solid polypropylene shaft. This
applicator can be used to apply adhesives and fluxes during electronic assembly or medical device manufacturing. The PurSwab 1806-PF ESD is a soft, non-abrasive swab with a static dissipative foam tip and polypropylene shaft. This
swab is safe for use with static sensitive components and ideal for removing particulates, residues and adhesives. The PurSwab 1806-WCF CR features a wood shaft in a unique chemical resistant textured foam over cotton tip,
designed to withstand many of the chemicals and solvents typically used in the electronics industry. This is the PurSwab 3677 ESD. This applicator features a paddle-shaped, ultraclean microfiber head and solid
polypropylene shaft, perfect for removing contaminants and residues from electronics, lenses and optics. If you’re interested in trying any of these swabs, please call to request a sample pack
that includes these swabs plus a few more of our most popular PurSwab applicators. Thanks for watching and be sure to check our
YouTube Channel or All-Spec.com for more videos.

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