PUMA x XO Suede The Weeknd Unboxing

In this video I’m gonna be unboxing these Hello everyone my name is Johnathon Daniels and on this channel we talk about how to grow as a creative. That means covering everything from content to social media to personal branding and style If that interests you Subscribe Let’s get into the video if you know me you know a huge fan of The Weeknd I’m also in love with Puma I’ve only gotten to that stuff recently I’m not disappointed so far so make sense for me to pick up a colab pair As you can see the box is heavy damaged I don’t know what happened but it got lost in the mail for 10 days over Christmas period I don’t actually think it was coming The only thing that matters is what’s on the inside I decided to get the black version But there’s also different colours you can get. You can get the Grey one You can get a White one And there’s a black and white one as well But the black are insane Taking it out the box the first thing your gonna realise is that these shoes have no laces. They’re replaced with these military inspired buckles As you can see right here So this is a mid-height boot With the upper part suede It has a speckled gum sole with black speckles.. On the sole On the bottom it’s clear If you remove the strap On the tounge, you have Puma’s Logo The XO Logo aswell You also have 19 here On the side of the shoe you have Pumas logo Holding the shoe it feels Pretty heavy And pretty well made to be honest Which is one of the things that I love about Puma And these buckles are actually functional I thought it was just like style But it has no laces so these buckles are used To keep your foot in place So yeah Lets see how it does Taking it outside and having the shoe on feel great I’m size 11 but a lot of times with boots you have to order a size down So I decided to order a 10 which for me is a perfect fit But if you want to be sure Always go and try on the shoes first if you can Because all shoes are different They’re surprisingly more comfortable Than I thought it was And the lace replacement straps really work to keep your foot tight As with any shoe the actual grip and functionality of the shoe is very important and these shoes are just as much as functional as they are stylish I will leave a link in the description to where you can get the shoe if you want to pick up a pair for yourself Guys, thank you so much for watching if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and subscribe I’m new to YouTube and this is officially the first video on this side of the channel I would really appreciate it if you let me know what you guys liked in the video I’ll just do more of that! Thank you guys so very much for watching I’ll see you in the next one Peace

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