Propelland Final Video

This project is an interactive music player and camera that helps visitors understand Propelland better. This video will describe the whole process of this project. My initial question was this, “How might I create strong audience engagement without additional guidance?” I started with this question because good design is self-explanatory. First, I conducted field research to observe people in High Line park in New York City. Since the place has some interesting art pieces and a lot of tourists visit the space, I was able to gain unique inspiration through observing a space different from the target space. I took these pictures in High Line park. Most tourists take selfies, and they’re only hanging out with their companions. They also like sitting on benches. This bench was interesting because the unique structure creates interactions between strangers who sit on the bench. This bench makes sounds, and visitors love to experience it with others. This symbol is called Bagua in Korean. It is originated from Taoist philosophy. It represents the fundamental principles of reality as well as harmony. I want to incorporate the concept into my project because Propelland is made of designers, strategists, and technologists. And they create products collaboratively. Captain planning is quite memorable. I still remember the song and the activating magic ring gesture. The gesture can symbolize building community, and it is aligned with my cooperation concept. Therefore, I will produce a unique interaction because adding a fun factor could increase visitors’ engagement. I found out that the tourists are just hanging out with their companions. Visitors use their mobile phones to take photos to remember. They love to play with a musical instrument. The research allows me to have a clear idea of my design concept. I’ll create entertaining interaction between the visitors. They can capture the moment of being surprised. This is my concept statement. I’m creating an inviting interaction design product that increases the visitors to come and play a song together and capture the moment. This product represents how propelland works through the cooperation of different people with perfect harmony, they create good designs. If a single player in an orchestra cannot match the sound, the orchestra cannot play a perfect symphony. This concept incorporates the idea. These are my sketches for ideation. My idea was starting from playing music bench and cushion. But, I changed the form because the bench or cushion takes a lot of space in the office. This octagon bar has a propeller. When a user grabs a bar the fan will spin. But, I chose a different idea because this concept doesn’t have a mobile connection feature. This is my final concept called Play Octagon. It plays a song by holding a bar. Each bar plays a designate instrument. Only when eight bars are touch, it plays a perfect song. And there is a camera in the center, and it will follow the user. With QR code, visitors can capture and download the image on their phone. I used Raspberry Pi, Pi Camera, Servo Motor, Speaker Bonnet and MPR121. This is the user flow of Play Octagon. It plays music with a quiet sound, and the sound intrigues visitors. When a visitor comes and holds a bar, the volume of the instrument becomes louder. The person asks other people to hold other bars to make a perfect loud sound. Strangers cooperate and play music together. When users scan the QR code on the product, they can access the camera of the product. The users can download the image on their phone. I used PVC pipes and elbows as well as wooden plates for structure. I needed a lot of long wires to put the input and outputs into the octagon shape structure. I worked on video streaming from PiCamera to a web browser as well as capturing and downloading the streaming image. And then built a camera shield with LEGO. I compiled the touch sensor, servo motor, and camera. And then, I compiled everything into the structure. All the issues have been resolved from spending a lot of time on debugging. Finally, I created a demo video.

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