Project Shield – Protecting news from digital attacks

Every day, more than 60 thousand news
organizations large and small use the web to report
on events and stories. Often, they’re the only voices
keeping readers informed of what’s actually happening. Silencing news
organizations like these used to require extreme
measures of force. But now, the tax
on free speech can be carried out by almost anyone
with access to a computer. A simple, inexpensive
denial of service attack– or DDoS for short– can
cause a news site to crash and keep the world in
the dark about what’s happening on the ground. So we created Project
Shield, a free service that uses Google technology to
protect news sites and freedom of speech on the web. Right now, more than 50 news
organizations are being protected
by Project Shield, but there is still too much of
the world’s news and reporting at risk. If you are a journalist
operating a news site and are concerned about the
possibility of a DDoS attack, we can help. Visit Take two minutes to fill out the
simple form on our secure site, and upon verification,
your site will be enrolled, and soon after protected. There’s no way to know if or
when an attack will occur, but if it does,
there’s a good chance it will be the moment
your readers and the world need you most.

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7 thoughts on “Project Shield – Protecting news from digital attacks

  1. So, say every news site gets this for free. Now, anyone who controls Jigsaw, controls the worlds access to information or news. Any story or news organization will be able to be shut down by one person, from one single location, with a click of a button instead of having to try to ddos or hack every site. Cool story bro.

  2. Another way for Google to get massive amounts of sensitive data, while pretending to be righteous. DDOS protection is a cheap commodity. If they really wanted to help in a "not evil" way they could have just set up a fund for publishers to purchase DDOS protection from independent providers.

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