ProDrone Byrd Quadcopter Review

For the drone hobbyist on the go, there’s
a new option. The ProDrone Byrd quadcopter folds down to a bit smaller than an , Xbox,
so it slips easily into a backpack. Every flight begins with a dance to the drone gods:
Lift the drone above your head and turn in a circle. When the lights blink green, that
means you are ready to fly. The Byrd is a handsome drone that is easy
enough to fly for any beginner. It can automatically take off and land with a single button push,
solving one of the most stressful parts of drone flying. If it flies out of range or
runs low on battery, it automatically flies back to its takeoff point. ProDrone’s app
broadcasts a livestream from the drone’s included camera. Both the app and controller
have easy-to-reach buttons to shoot video and photos. I flew the standard version of the drone,
which shoots 1080 p video and can fly for up to 25 minutes. The more advanced versions
of the drone add higher quality video and a “Follow Me” mode where the drone autonomously
follows you. When I flew the drone across San Francisco’s Crissy Field, the Byrd’s
GPS and visual positioning systems kept it steady despite moderate winds. The drone always
performed as promised, which built trust and confidence. The Byrd costs around $750, which puts its
price in line with the competing DJI Phantom 3 Advanced drone. Both sport autonomous flight
modes and excellent GPS and visual positioning features. The Byrd squeaks in a couple extra
minutes of battery life, while the Phantom shoots higher quality video. Neither will
win an award for their agility, but they have a gimbal and fly smoothly enough to grab some
nice video. Like a GoPro, the Byrd’s camera creates
a fisheye effect that you may want to correct in post-processing. It’s pretty good at
automatically adjusting to different lighting and color conditions. However, when you’re
flying the general direction of the sun it sometimes creates a flickering effect like
this. Anyone looking for a stylish, portable and
easy-to-use quadcopter will appreciate the ProDrone Byrd. It takes care of the basics
of drone flying and lets you focus on the cinematography with its easy-to-use app.

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14 thoughts on “ProDrone Byrd Quadcopter Review

  1. Actually the price is more in line with the P3 Pro now, its commonly available at around $800, but the Byrd cannot match the range of the Advanced or Professional, nor the 4k video of the Professional.

    And the P3 doesn't shoot heavily distorted video either, barrel distortion on the sample you provided looked bad- not usable in professional video applications.

    The good part of the byrd is that is somewhat more portable, and allegedly has a much higher carrying capacity. Would have been nice to see that capacity tested in the review.

  2. The camera sucks. The fisheye effect is so bad. The gimbal twitches in strong winds. Arms and props will show up in view unless you tilt the camera down. All these shortcomings should have been mentioned in the review.

  3. Its, its ok. Its not good, you're better off getting a P3. The only real reason you'd want this is if you have very limited storage space. Not a pro's best option, but it's basically the same as the P3 in some ways, the camera is it's downside.

  4. Would like an update on this quad. thinking of getting it. But can't find much info from this yr on it. How do you feel about it now?

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