Privileged Tech PR Flack: We Make, Unions Take!

it’s size so uh… they were talking about people
who in speak truth uh… two powers um… is wonderful story of the tech rider in tech entrepreneur who is speaking power to power and in fact speaking power in saving
power for power uh… sarah lacy is a uh… parent liaise tech columnist and this strange you know of of libertarian uh… techies um… is is really i mean it’s it’s really just i would describe it and and i’m
certainly willing to take a phone call it uh… six four six two five seven thirty
nine twenty from any libertarian techy uh… who wants to refute this but it seems to me that the difference
between the libertarians usually call this program and one who is sort of uh… an internet entrepreneur is that the internet entrepreneur is generally a little bit more
intelligent and also a m a little bit less
politically in inclined and so there really should not be that
they’re basically like a smarter adam karol is when it comes down to and sarah lacy seems to fit that mold to
quite well she is uh… she runs the uh… the internet complicities siddig is
technically city site hando daily it’s like a gossip thing that seems to
be writer attack crunchy also is a penalizes pyar cancel without a little
bit started panda down okay and apparently as she is very very upset or was very upset with the bart strike where um… the an and san francisco and oakland well went
on strike baird they’ve since come back uh… to work on a thirty day extension and she is uh… talking about how see want
someone to disrupt bart in other words once a technology that will make mass transit for this mass transit
system i guess you know change the paradigm and uh… there is a way to change the
paradigm it’s to make it better uh… the fact the matter is that the
paradigm is mass transit mass transit is mass transit quote these things be improved upon yes indeed just like every other
institution that exists using the tech world may say something
like that in terms of the part into the means let’s find a way to automate this so we
don’t need these menial workers money i guess indeed hum but this what you told p_r_ if i add more friends who were bart
drivers i would probably be very sympathetic to
their cars and if they had more friends now i just want to contemplate that for
a moment no words i really only decide who’s in my social circle and that’s where my empathy his life but i’m not in that social circle of people who are making what ever did
sixty as sixty five grand a year i don’t know what they make in san francisco who are trying to have a middle-class
life who we trust with the lives of literally
hundreds of thousands of people daily i would probably be very sympathetic to
their cut and if they had more friends who were building companies they would probably realize that were
not all millionaires where actually working pretty hard to
build something now i don’t know what the implication is
that she thinks that everybody who’s building a company that all the particle
fink that everybody is building a country accompanies millionaires but they’re certainly a time of millionaires uh… in san francisco uh… in the san
francisco area uh… certainly uh… you can see the
rise in the uh… prices of of all sorts of goods particularly housing
in san francisco as an example of the past twenty years were actually that working pretty hard
to build something people in the tech industry feel like
life is a meritocracy you work really hard you build something you create something which is sort of directly opposite to
unions now understand that she has no friends
obviously who are in a union and she doesn’t realize that europeans built the infrastructure members of unions built the
infrastructure of just about everything she uses in her daily life phone system the internet’s the car l_e_d_ cars that she drives the roads that she drives on just about everything that she has is in
their daily life was built by a member of a union now she also because she has no friends
in any unions apparently doesn’t realize that people
who work in unions also work hard and also value hard work and this meritocracy she speaks out as she went to rhodes university uh… a private uh… small liberal arts
college probably not too different than the one that i went to um… adult no whether or not she took student loans or not i don’t know if she realizes that only
uh… that the percentage of people who get to
go to a small liberal arts college uh… is infinitesimal e smart goal in this
country and i find it hard to believe that everyone who were there is really there based solely on merit not the capacity to pay not a lot of who they were out was
family they were born into not the opportunities they had because
of those families they were born into not because the color of their skin or
because of the relationships with their parents had forged at a time when it was far less
competition uh… not the value baby that their
parents had to send their kids to college and then send their grandkids
the college because they worked in a union and built the middle class uh… it you know p_r_ is not something that strikes me as a profession that is um… completely before spring who you
know and it’s not who you know like you know going to be our because you
know a lot of people who did uh… roads or drive buses or work in the subways that’s not what situation for a job at
p_ r_ with situate you for a job at p_ r_ is
to hang around with wealthy people rule r_t_c_’s who are will have the had the
opportunity to get an education that allows them to be in a position to learn new technologies it’s just grotesque a look at i have no problem with people
being ignorant but to how the amends nerve and husband to parade carried to its in such a fashion to pro-rate your lack
of empathy which is really rooted any fundamental
ignorance about the way the world works to parade that around hi nikki’s is just reprehensible so i don’t know what it takes to build the p_r_ company um… but apparently what it takes according to us to sarah lacy he’s a complete disdain for uh… anybody who is while have to appreciate people who were
making you know six figures but any book below that forget about it’s those people six figures in ap
without all millionaires and uh… you know you can google earth
and see the uh… pictures of her home wherever she would quite nice quite nice not a millionaire maybe doing quite well

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28 thoughts on “Privileged Tech PR Flack: We Make, Unions Take!

  1. I went to dinner with my ex and her new tech industry BF. His company at the time was in hot water with the public for not wanting to pay it's taxes. I asked him and he said "Why WOULD we want to pay taxes?" These people live in a very insular little bubble that is pretty seperate from the real world… this HUGE corporation makes VAST uses of the commons for it's business, but this dickwad thinks they shouldn't have to pay, ie, wants to leech.

  2. It's interesting that these people want to reduce the number of jobs with automation (which is fine and should be rewarded) yet probably wouldn't support basic income for the inevitable rise in the unemployed caused by such automation. Maybe they just want all the displaced people to live on the streets?

  3. It's not about how complicated the tax code is, they DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR THE INFRASTRUCTURE that they use, they want it to be offloaded onto the rest of us instead of themselves. This isn't rocket science, corporations don't give a fuck about this country and only about their own profits, news at 11.

  4. Hold the presses! "Ignoramus says something ignorant!"
    What's the big deal? Yeah, her position is silly. So?
    Strategically, why give someone like her any added publicity? Surely the usual suspects supply you with enough material daily.

  5. 10 1/2 years of San Francisco living for me. I seen a lot of changes in those years, mostly negative. This bitch exemplifies everything that has gone wrong with my adopted hometown. People like her flock here now everyday. They are multiplying monthly it seems. The people I see and meet are not like the people I saw and met when I first moved here. The cool Bay Area culture is dying; being replaced by the Wall Street of the West Coast. These people suck.

  6. These are selfish children that need their arses kicked straight into the real world. They've taken and taken from the system and they aren't even aware of it, they think they've done it all themselves.
    If the transport system broke down, and someone didn't get the food to the shops, these "rugged individualists" would all perish very quickly.

  7. I'm with you on that one. These snotty nerds who think in terms of "value added" bullshit need a swift kick in the pants. Libertarians really have no clue what they're talking about. Time for a trip out to the woodshed.

  8. For once in a great while, I completely agree with you. As a SF tech worker, I have to work with this fake techies all day long. I am sorry I had anything to do with building this monster when I started at 19, in 1996.

  9. She isn't really a libertarian.. she is just an idiot flying the libertarian flag because she doesn't know any better.

  10. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Defense, and national debt interest IS infrastructure. They are NECESSARY for US business to operate. Therefore, business should PAY (taxes) for the services being provided for them. Furthermore, taxes provide a negative feedback loop to adjust the ratios of the derivatives of wage inflation and business profits to general inflation. Removing the business profit variable creates, with mathematical certainty, an unstable condition in the joint ODE.

  11. Techies should be smart enough to understand that it owes it's EXISTENCE to unionized government workers and public investment and research.

  12. This cunt is not a "techie" or a scientifically literate person.

    She, like most libertarians (and, sadly, too many arrogant white people), are incapable of building or inventing anything, they simply profit off the work of 10% of the population.

    The hard work is already done, which allows these twats to "think they hit a triple"

    I am not joking, the US has less then 3.2 million engineers.

  13. It's unbelievable. The "bubble" these people live in is sad. I mean, I guess ignorance is supposedly bliss, but I don't know how to shut off that button in my brain that asks "what are the facts here" – "what is the history" – "how did things get like this"- This is the reality of the "inherited class" we have. This is the new Libertarian (I can't tell them apart from the Republicans). Just making statements that she vetted with her like minded friends or underlings.In the end the jokes on her.

  14. When the union president makes 107k annually as a station attendant, which only requires a GED and retail experience to be qualified, you're over paid. Especially when given the best benefits in the state. They want to hold 200k+ commuters hostage, many of them won't be able to get to work if BART strikes, so they can get even more generous pay than what they already get? They can go fuck themselves.

  15. Unions had their time. Then guys like Hoffa tried to make them too powerful. Same thing with BART. Station attendants are some of the shittiest forms of customer service in the country, and get paid handsomely for how little they do.

    And this Mo Rocca look alike just sounds like a holier than thou douchebag. Lets defend people that make more than enough to live on, get easily the best benefots in the state of California, and willingly want to try and strand 200k+ commuters.

  16. California needs to catch up with most of the United States and ban mass transit strikes and introduce the arbitration system. The grotesque thing here is this guy thinks his opinion matters because he has a microphone.

  17. Sarah Lacey, Congratulations! First ever female Libertarian and just as dumb as all the male libertarians! Amazing, bravo Sarah Lacey, bravo! Keep up the fake outrage and continue to lack all empathy and understanding! 🙂

  18. I agree with Sarah Lacy and as always she raises an inspiring question on this issue. She's one of the few truly original journalists out there and covers a unique topic in such a way that she is now considered to be the foremost expert on that topic. This guy is just another foolish liberal with a microphone.

    I'm going to buy her latest book now so, thanks Sam!

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