Primitive Technology: Stone House Part 12

I build this stone house using only primitive tools and materials.

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27 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Stone House Part 12

  1. 3 little pigs .. nursery rhyme .. huff and puff and blow the house down… the first little piggy made his house of..

  2. Amazing video ! ! ! Your house will be great when you finished it . Soon you can see the first party of my mud hut . Thank you

  3. Usually roofs are made so that the water can be "driven" away from it. With you non-arranged straw roof, the water will just go trought it while raining … you can clearly see at 12:38 the holegaps.
    Plus, by just looking at it, some wind and you can start again …
    Just advising, not criticizing. Want to see more 😉

  4. With such a strong base I was expecting a lot stronger roof and foundations for it. I really like the project, please reconsider. Congrats anyway for your work !

  5. Had the grass been lain in one (up/down) direction in the roof, it might have held back some rain. The way it is now, it will only serve to collect water, then drip it on you for hours after the rain ends.

  6. Awesome videos. Much respect. Am also an outdoors person. Good to see this then people with technology being lazy

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