Primitive Technology: Reusable charcoal mound

Digging ordinary clay-loam soil for the mound Placing wood at center of mound Stacking wood in conical shape, small to large Wood is mainly Eucalyptus picked up from the ground It’s important to tightly stack the mound for a good yield Pile stacked over a few days as wood came to hand Water from the creek Making mud with ordinary soil Making a layer of mud as wide as the hand The top of the mound is left open 8 air holes are made around the base of the mound. The mound took 6 hours to cover. Making fire with fire sticks. I use fire sticks because they’re easier to make and maintain than a fire bow set (fewer components). The tinder is crushed candle nut leaves The fire is lit on the open top of the mound The fire then burns down into the opening The fire burns down the wood heap in the opposite direction to the updraft Wood is converted to charcoal as the fire moves from top to bottom Volatile gases (CO and H2) burn as a flame above the mound When you see fire in an air entry it’s time to block it up When all air entries are blocked, the top is blocked also. This took 5 hours Opening the mound along a door shaped line Unburnt brands, put aside for next time Usable charcoal Charcoal is cooked through and glossy in appearence I only want charcoal over 2.5 cm in diameter for my furnaces. Smaller pieces can be used for pit fires. The mound is small and cramped Charcoal yield Unburnt wood stored for next firing Storing charcoal out of the weather Fallen gum tree branch up in the mountain The breaking area This method saves effort Stacking horizontally this time Criss-crossing layers Each layer perpendicular to the last Stacking is difficult through small entrance Final layers through open top Sealing entrance Hole opened in the base Lighting mound Blow pipe Making another basket Fire burning a little fast Blocked up to prevent over cooking. This took 3 hours. Lots of un burnt wood due to difficulty stacking the mound Quality and yield lower than first run due to loose stacking But it’s still usable Charcoal mound

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100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Reusable charcoal mound

  1. It would be a major project, but why not build a kiln with an interior chamber for pottery or charcoal?
    Something like that? You would only need clay for a cover plate over the inner chamber. The rest could be mud construction.

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  4. I feel silly I committed on your older charcoal video about how you had to take apart the mound and know I found you made a more reusable version

  5. literally blows my mind how people don't like this shit? Like how fucking petty do you have to be?

  6. If you are a True PT FAN youll remember that ONE AND ONLY VIDEO where he spoke and thanked everyone who supported his channel at 5M subs.

  7. Quick question,
    Do you do research and look at how people of the past did this type of stuff then base your videos on it?

  8. А где видео про ядерный реактор из глины и тросника?

  9. he did it wrong, the top or the cup of the oven should be all covered, the fire should be placed on the side of the door, closing it almost all leave only room for fire, wait for the fire to catch and close the rest after a while. time muffle the first 2 holes near the door then the middle and then the bottom then just wait to cool down.

  10. Представляю как этот примитивный человек приходит домой , берёт МакБук и начинает монтировать видео.

  11. Could this serve as both as a reusable charcoal maker and if made big enough a shelter? Or would there be too much worry about the carbon?

  12. Primitive technology: …
    His enemies : HA HE HAS NOTHING GET HIM
    Primitve technology: pulls out a singular grain of sand

  13. Best video about charcoal i found im gonna make one 2 i need it for my aquariums but need to activatie it first

  14. i have a feeling that during the apocalypse him and bear grylls would be just chilling in the woods like nothing happened

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  16. i think firing should be done from ground level and top hole should be very small…. after catching fire…… rest is pretty good

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  18. I like ur video, I was in suearch of such video and got it . How it would be if I make a break structure hollow and put woods in it and rawp it with coconut hairs in thick form and ignite it , would it work.

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