Primitive Technology: Natural Draft Furnace

Digging base Stone floor to prevent rising damp Harvesting termite clay Mixing clay Palm leaves for fiber Floor layer Furnace wall Internal diameter 25 cm Drying layer out Bridge over door way with sticks Clay over sticks I could do about 5 layers a day due to the slow drying of the clay It’s important not to rush building the furnace or it will slump Only add new clay when the last layer has stiffened Total height 175 cm, time taken 7 days. Making tuyere (air pipe) from clay. Inner diameter 7.5 cm Blocking up doorway Positioning tuyere at 15 degree downward angle Tuyere nose sticks into furnace Bog ore formation about 1 km further down the creek Ore roasting Crushing ore to a powder Wood for the furnace (no charcoal was used in this experiment) Furnace stacked and lit from the top The tall furnace draws a strong natural draft. Adding wood and ore Fuel bed can be seen through the tuyere. Estimated at least 1200 c if not higher. After an hour and a half total, it was left to burn down. The next day the tuyere was seen to have been covered with slag (no metallic iron though) Slag from the bottom of the furnace The slag was magnetic but had no metalic iron Natural draft furnace

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  2. this comment is pretty late, but there are people designing wood burning rocket stoves with primitive materials. i would really like to attempt making a batchbox masonry rocket with special adobe bricks. typically they are made with chimney bricks, but could use clay, ash, manure, and sand.

    A few things that need to be calculated to make this stove better are – materials. you need it to be more insulative material instead of mass. more ash and straw/grass. it will burn out and make the structure easier to heat up so that it gets to higher temps. placement of fire and the airspace that leads to the riser. it also needs a secondary air supply to create more turbulence for a better mix of gasses. once it gets hot and mixed, your furnace should be burning the smoke and volatile gasses pretty completely. check out for info and dimensioning.

  3. Well manicured hands. I guarantee not one day real hard physical labor. Anyone can look hard working for 3 seconds.

  4. where is this filmed? I want to go play in the dirt and do some of this stuff myself but do not know where i could be able to make fire's and such without getting people angry.

  5. Этот чувак будет единственным выжившим на американском континенте после ядерной зимы!

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  7. Your explanation was very well done and quite scientific. (Possibly lost on most YouTube viewers, though, those who just want to cook hot dogs. 😊 )
    But it's great to see that math and science are still important to many young people!

  8. Он Наркоман что-ли? 😆
    Можно в Ларес зайти, и купить эту трубу 🤣 Как говорится, когда собаке делать нечего – она яйца лижет от скуки 🤔😂

  9. trying to comprehend the purpose of doing this. he ain't making a sword ssssoooo he destroyed the termite home for… nothing???

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  11. OK cool build but what is a do it's just on the middle of nowhere what is it have for a purpose? You can't cook on her it's obviously not for warmth?

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