Primitive Technology: Lime

Terrestrial rain forest snail Looking for shells Unoccupied shell (i.e. the snail died) Shell pile Fire wood Wood pile Back at the old tiled hut Kiln Stacking wood Fire sticks to make fire Blowing on hot coal Hot coals from subsequent fire Fire burns down from top towards grate Shells added to fuel bed Layer of wood added over shells More shells More wood Hot shell fragments shooting out of the kiln causing annoyance Hot coals and shells that fell though the grate From my research, burning wood on top of the grate rather than under it produces the highest temperature possible in an updraft kiln (approaching 1400 c) Time taken: 1 hour 30 minutes Removing the cooled down shells a few hours later Adding water to a burnt shell Note the steam coming off the shell. It is decomposing into slaked lime and releasing heat in an exothermic reaction. After a while it turns completely to paste Slaking more shells More steam A stronger reaction Crushing old pot sherds for aggregate to mix into lime putty (normally sand is used) Mixing in grog (crushed pottery) ratio of 1: 2.5 lime putty : grog This is basically mortar used for joining bricks or rocks together but I’m just going to make a block of it as an experiment 10 days later the block has set Water testing for a few minutes. The block is water resistant for this length of time. Note however that full strength is developed over weeks, months or sometimes years of setting. Lime

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100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Lime

  1. Hi I’m new here. I can see that this is quite primitive tech indeed… except for the camera that was used to film this.

  2. When you film these videos do you use solar power to charge your batteries, or just take a bunch of extra batteries with you? Or is it something else?

  3. This is for those less primitive, but still the outdoors-type.

  4. Interesting, but what a waste of resources. He should have created a lingam for all the good would provide. He created calcium hydroxide. He would have been better off to have produced geopolymers? Now, that is a compound the Great pyramids incidentally, used in their composition.

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  6. Future archaeologists are gonna be confused when they find 2 of the same thing but one is only 300 years old and the other is thousands of years old

  7. So relaxing watching , hearing and it's interesting and he doesn't even say a word
    Just saying
    ✌👉 😎

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  9. Another use of slaked lime is to preserve eggs without refrigeration for an extended period of time. A solution is made with slaked lime and water in the eggs are submerged in the water they will keep for months without refrigeration.

  10. O Cal pode ser usado como tinta para parede, só acrescentar um pouco de sal para fixar!
    Lime can be used as wall paint, just add a little salt to fix it!

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  12. Fantastically educational as always; you do realise he does all this in the back garden of his Beverley Hills mansion, don't you?

  13. Al meterlo al agua, el bloque burbujeó por lo que puede indicar que esta reaccionando a otros elementos y se desfragmentara eventualmente

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  16. He could have just used the Ashe from the fire along with the terra-cotta to make Ashe cement just the same without looking for the shells. 😲

  17. okay but all in all how the hell did the first person to do this, figure that shit out?
    like old ugabooga down the roads just decided one day to cook up some snail shels mix them with water make it into a paste and then add clay.
    how the hell did humanity get to where we are!?

  18. When you add the burnt snails shells he doesn't say it creates an exothermic reaction and it instantly heats up to boil water.

  19. Автор, спасибо тебе что ты не попрошайка подписок и не лайкодрочнер кликбейтный….

  20. I gave a thumbs up because I am scared he will macgyver a gun from raccoon crap and kill me.

    This guy makes my skills look like special ed in comparison.

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