Primitive Technology: Experiment, building a Simple Metal Furnace (Forge)

River where iron flakes can be found. cliff with iron. nearby there are iron flake. Iron flakes. we need something larger. Here, some larger iron ore, (hematite). crushing into powder. look at how smooth it is.

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100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Experiment, building a Simple Metal Furnace (Forge)

  1. nice work guys. I am trying to make a smelter myself. So far my efforts have finding out what not to do. I would like to pass on what I have found out. Hopefully the information will help you.

    First off your smelter is not tall enough. It should be at least 1.5 meters tall, taller up to 1.8 would be better (5 feet in Imperial units). The inside should have a very small inward slope so the top opening is smaller than the bottom. The slope helps trap ash and other stuff against the sides that will insulate your furnace's charge. New material you put into the furnace will stay in the middle and form a column that stays hot.

    My smelter will use charcoal rather than coal. Probably not much difference in heat. The reason for using charcoal is the sulfur and other contaminants in the coal around where I live. It looks like you have hard coal. Usually that stuff is pretty good. You will have to make sure it is dry, dry, dry. The water will really cause problems in reaching a high temperature.

    Next is the blower. Yours won't move enough air. In the early iron age, bellows were used. Usually 2, sometimes more so a constant flow of air under pressure could be maintained. For the smelter you are building your bellows should be 700mm or more in diameter and the side you lift should be at least that high. You need a lot of air and a little pressure! I am too old to hope my arms will survive for very long, going to cheat using an electric blower.

    Ratio: 2 parts charcoal/coal to 1 part iron ore. I am assuming your coal heats the same as my charcoal. Just red dirt around me will work. While you were collecting coal, looks like you might have a rock called hematite. That is very rich in iron. To prepare any ore for smelting, first roast it. Sounds like cooking? Actually it is done the same way. It is easier to break the large pieces up and gets rid of all the organic stuff. Grind/pound/etc the clods into something the same size of sand. Trying to heat and melt something bigger is difficult in a smelter like you are building. The same needs to be done to the coal. The largest piece should be no more than 25mm in diameter/length. It will take too much time and steal energy from the furnace to ignite it.

    It will take 4 to 5 hours to process enough ore to get 2 to 10 kg of bloom. I am working with 2 barrels of charcoal and 1 barrel of ore. Each barrel is about 200 litres (55 gallons Imperial). Bloom is the mostly iron chunk that forms at the bottom of the furnace. Instead of a grating like you have, mine will have a "V" shaped trough that captures the little liquid drops of iron. The molten slag will stay on top of the molten iron since it is lighter than iron. You will need a way to occasionally open the furnace to let some of the slag pour out. It only needs to be maybe twice, during the whole smelting process. If you have very poor quality ore, you might have to pour off the slag a few more times, just depends on quality of ore.

    After getting your bloom, you will need to build a forge to process/refine it into something that resembles iron. Here in the U.S. we call it pig iron. The bloom that forms at the bottom of the furnace still has enough impurities you will might have trouble finding it. It looks a lot like a huge clinker (burned coal). Usually size will tell you it is a bloom and not a clinker. You can not make a tool out of a bloom. There are still too many impurities in it. Best of luck and please keep making videos! I really enjoy and learn from what you guys are doing.

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  3. Like how do you find iron, alkaline metals in general?

    Is it possible to refine metal to its finest like the late 1800 (idk what method it’s called, but it’s from a Brit)

  4. Hi good day guys I love to sit and watch your videos however some of the things you guys use to make the stuff with is a little difficult to make out what it is I'm asking if its possible for you guys to label or give and brief definition of the minerals/ muds and so on for a little more understanding

  5. I really enjoy watching you guys do your thing. It is wonderful to read everyone's comments even thou some are rude,best of luck

  6. This is better than TV. Surprises around a few corners are better than surprises around every corner. You guys are awesome.

  7. Its always bothered me how nobody ever says anything in these kind of primitive/bushranger style build videos at all. You're lucky to get audible breathing noises. Communication is fairly importaint if working together, and I know there must be some going on between cuts. Even if Im not going to understand the language you speak, it would be nice to hear something other than wildlife. Maybe explain a few things like how the blower works, or why you were gatheirng what looks like flint by the riverbed.

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  9. That water is pretty dirty from people and/or factories up river. You can tell because it has that nasty grey tinge to it.

  10. I cannot believe that! They made perfect pot without any tools. I thought they had super sense for their hands!

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    Dan emas bijian itu sebenarnya hasil proses dr pembakaran karbon yg di rendam tadi…
    Jadi caranya ngibul ato pembohongan publik….

    Yg dia kumpulin di sungai itu bukan asli batu tapi karbon yg udh di bakar dan di pecahin baru di taburin di sungai seolah olah batu asli dari sungai…

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  13. All these guys do is steal ideas from each other it’s the same shit I’m seeing in every vid that’s why I’d rather watch primitive technology

  14. It looks like they use that short, large piece of pipe for building everything. The columns of the structure they're working in are also made with it.

  15. I wonder where these folks are at? That is the coolest "blower" I've ever seen! What are they doing with the rocks they are heating and why? This is so cool!

  16. I love you’re videos
    But I like it if you can add info at least in subs about what the rocks are or sand or metal or I’m assuming lie and things like what the processes are when you take the cooked crushed shells and water thing you do is ect ect

  17. The fan isn't doing a hit over there,your spinning that like it's doing something but it's not,the flow of air is basically non existent.

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