Primitive Technology: Cord drill and Pump drill

Using the fire sticks to make fire this method can gives you blisters a round stone Drilling a hole in it with a stone awl Pecking a hole with the stone awl Pecking hole from other side Hole gouged right through Quartz sand added to help drilling process Spindle stick (Abroma mollis) Fitting stone over the spindle Fibrous tree bark separating the inner bark frome outer bark splitting the inner bark into thinner strips Twist the individual strands clockwise, but twist them together anti clockwise. This prevents the cord from unravelling carving a notch in the stick Tying the cord onto the notch with a strip of bark As the strings are pulled out wards, the spindle spins. When the strings are completely unraveled, the stones momentum wraps them back around the stick and the process is repeated in the opposite direction A coal has been produced Clay from creek bank Picking out rocks and sticks from the clay Ash from the fire Putting ash on stone to prevent clay from sticking Forming clay disc Putting a hole in 6 discs Drying by the fire Firing the disks Fanning the flames Glowing red hot Shaving bark off stick Fitting disk onto shaft Carving notch onto shaft Making stone drill bit Splitting shaft Lashing bit into shaft Fitting disc onto shaft Tying cord to notch Drilling hole in wood A thinner drill bit Hole carved through wood Fitting crossbar over shaft Tying the ends of the crossbar onto the drill Now the bar is used in a pumping motion to pull the strings outward instead of using the hands (avoids blisters from holding cords) Pump drill and cord drill

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100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Cord drill and Pump drill

  1. You know technology is a thing right? Instead of making whatever that is you can just go out and buy a cordless drill

  2. Ugh I never could build fire with rubbing hands and wood!!!! It's so hard! Now I can build fire with knife and steel fire starter, Flint and knife, magnifine glass and sun but nope just can't do it his way .:( What am I doing wrong?? Lol

  3. Да, а разрабатывалось всё это не один миллион лет… Но в современном мире смотрится очень здорово, молодец🖒

  4. No era necesario venir a ver los comentarios para saber que estaban criticando los errores ortográficos… Es obvio que el autor del vídeo no es de habla española y aún así se preocupa por hacer subtitulado en español. Muy buenos tus vídeos te sigo desde hace tiempo.

  5. Мы в детстве так развлекались, только в мороз 30 градусов когда сопли рекой и ты ребёнок попробуй расверлить руками огонь, а когда тепло ты сытый взрослый человек.

  6. I wonder if primitive man would have understood that the long term effects of bretahign in fire smoke is likely not great.

  7. I do keep wondering why he didn't simply make a bow instead of the pump or the hand drill. A bow would be far more efficient and would be easier to make. It would take far less effort to make fire as it's just back and forth motion with the bow.

  8. У тебя наверно очень много свободного времени . вобщем малодец позновательно

  9. С этим видео что то не так. Чтобы добыть огонь с помощью трения надо часа четыре крутить палку…

  10. If something ever happens, that sends Al of humanity into the stone ages again, I want to be part of this guys tribe.

  11. 0:30 an example of toxic masculinity. One of the things that bewitch me is the natural admiration of men for this man. I mean in the comments there is no envy, no competition, but only simple stated admiration. This should be subject for anthropology study….🤣

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