Primitive Technology: Bed Shed

Building site Chopping wood with stone hatchet Hammering in post holes Putting the posts in Floor plan is 2 meters long and 1 meter wide Digging in post hole Stamping down soil “Fish tail await-a-while” – a type of spikey vine Cutting vine Stripping off leaves takes the spikes off with them Spikeless vine Lashing the rafters on Using a rock as a step ladder Lashing the battens to the rafters Cutting grass for the roof Ordinary vine to tie the thatch on Tying bundles of grass to the roof Trimming grass at overhang Thatch is added layer by layer from bottom to top so it sheds rain About 120 little bunches of grass were tied to the roof Patting down grass Tying on crossbars to support bed Tying bed frame together Tying cane to frame and wrapping it length ways around bed Weaving cane between length ways cane Putting bed on cross bars A bark fiber mat I made in previous video A grass pillow Making fire under the bed, a dry area in the rain The space under the bed can be used for sitting, having fires and storing firewood and tools The bed is used for sleeping and can be removed when not being used to provide more space

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100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Bed Shed

  1. Man if you can live like this guy and be happy and content I’d root ya on… make your own stuff, grow your own food.. no crappy boss to work for, no debt, less stress. Man I’d be down

  2. Petition to have this guy on “Naked and Afraid”

    I bet his one item of choice will be his shorts. He simply doesn’t need anything else.

  3. This make me remember about game green hell……good video my friends….Привет из россии

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  8. Maybe someone can help me, iv never understood those shelter with the very steep sloping roof, I know it's to allow water to run off quickly, but if it rains even slightly right to left he's screwed as the shelter only helps against rain one way, would a shallower slope provide more even cover and allow air to be trapped and heated up?

  9. Что это за уродец? Из какого цирка он сбежал? Где те два изиата гея, которые жадно поглощали пойманную дичь и строили ахуенные бассейны???? Авторы канала выгомофобы??????

  10. Njiirrrr, 12 juta orang nonton uwong gawe omah neng kebon 😂😂😂 ternyata mbolang lebih menarik dari pada dari pada gadget 😂😂😂

  11. Esto ya lo vi muchas veces en la tv. Oye y si buscas un trabajo y dejas de aruinar los arboles y plantas. Con algo que mas q seguro lo sacaste de la tv

  12. Every time I see that show "Alone" I think about this channel and laugh – no whining, no crying, just get it done. I get the feeling that if this guy showed up on "Alone" they'd come back and find him living in a nice split level with central heat, running water and a garden full of food. He's the Southern Hemisphere's version of Dick Proenekke.

  13. Turn on closed captions as well folks, Another comment in a different video in this series pointed that out and there is a real reason to do so.

  14. Попробовал бы ты у нас в Якутии так поспать…сначала бы из тебя комары всю кровь выпили, а то что осталось медведь бы сжевал.

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