Primitive Technology: Baskets and stone hatchet

Cutting loya cane Splitting cane into thin strips Stripping leaves from a palm frond Wrapping leaves with cane strips Coiling leaf bundle Wrap strips around bundle about two times, then thread strip through previous coil to keep it together Add new leaves onto the end of the last coil to make it longer and wrap with strips Now instead of making the base wider, start making the sides go up vertically Whole fronds can be used now Coil basket complete Now for a woven cane basket Arrange canes into a star shape Note there needs to be an odd number of spokes Tie the spokes together (here using a strip of bark) Using a long strip of cane start weaving over and under the spokes When the base is wide as you want fold the canes up vertically Now weave a long strip between the spokes, in and out like before If you run out of one strip just start weaving another in, after a few laps it will stay in When finished fold the top of the spokes back into the previous coils Cane basket complete Baskets can be used for carrying mulch for gardens Several baskets Grinding a stone axe head Water helps with the grinding process Stone chisel Carving a mortise into handle Inserting head into handle Tapering handle Finished hatchet Axe and hatchet

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100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Baskets and stone hatchet

  1. Achei a segunda técnica do cesto melhor, mas é claro que tudo depende do material que tem a mão….ambas as técnicas são excelentes …Parabéns.

  2. could you cover the woven baskets with clay and then bake them to make larger pots easier and also add some extra structural intergrity? or would all ther carbon and other stuff from the heated canes be bad for the clay?

  3. He will be useful when the end of the world comes 👀 thank you for your service sir ❤️

  4. @Primitive Technology Hey I realise this might be a slight bit late to comment but thanks for the baskets! The lawyer cane is what ive used too for last year and a half before I finally produced a basket video. I wanted a strong basket to carry some stones i left in various places

  5. If sometime(i don't know when) his videos will have ads, i'll watch them all.This man has changed my
    life and activities literally.

  6. Primitiv. Das ich nicht lache! Sie hätten es anders benennen sollen. So manche Personen können sich nicht einmal die Schnürsenkel binden, wie haben deren Vorfahren sowas geknüpft?! Ich finde es Klasse!

  7. 7:20 I bet a lot of prehistoric people died from the infection they got when they chiselled their own foot off

  8. Me: oh man! Now I know how to make a primitive tool!
    My brain:(2 nanoseconds later) I forgot how to do it…

  9. Primitive Technology , Have you considered doing a water mill video or something similar?
    I reckon one would have to be Close(r) to water for that.
    Great work!

  10. Рукоять у топора, надо наболдажником вперед крепить …

  11. Dig for iron next to a cliff or mountain side. Will be easier to produce true iron and in larger quantities. You can make a crude pickaxe to do it with stone. Some fire hardened wood will do the trick too. Can put you into the stone age so you can make an iron fore striker for all that stone around. Chances are one of them can make a spark. Quartz is everywhere.
    Lets See you move to the iron age.

    Love your channel,

  12. I hate where i live i dont have a clay bank i dont have a termite mound anywhere where near me and the stuff he uses to nake everything i dont have. Living in the cities suck

  13. Saya pikir kurikulum Pramuka perlu memulai untuk mengajarkan siswanya untuk membuat banyak hal dari alam sebagaimana channel ini, itu jauh lwbih bermakna dan bermanfaat daripada pramuka yg sekarang tidak jauh2 dari nyanyi2, teriak2, romantika kakak pembina dan pacaran, serta hal2 yg tidak berguna. Channel ini sedikit banyak mengajarkan apa itu kepanduan dan apa arti menjadi pramuka yg sebenarnya.

  14. Are the names loya cane and lawyer cane are used interchangeably bc they sound the same in an Australian accent or

  15. If we watch carefully and take notes on pen and paper, we can survive when a solar flare hits and knocks out all electronics!

  16. There is to much idiots comments but I never read the next:
    "Oh man, didn't you think how much destruction in the wild are you doing? All that co2 produce by your never ending fire??? Is better if you would stay at home without damaging the forests and the air"

  17. Scusa i tuoi video mi piacciono ma una cosa non capisco da te e sempre estate o vai solo quando fa caldo cioè si può vedere qualcosa che fai anche d'inverno grazie

  18. You know, when you see those African tribes (among other tribes in different parts of the world) with women carrying those large baskets on their shoulders and above their heads, you don't really think about how they made it. You just think ''oh tribe. Primitive'' but you don't think about the amount of knowledge and skill needed to craft what they craft. We have everything handed to us. We need a basket, we go to the store. It's easy. But those people work all day long to keep the village machine going. They're experts at self-sufficiency. At using nature to craft tools. And here we are, thinking we're more advanced when most of us can't even weave a simple basket together. Props to those in the jungles, in the forests, living off the land and doing it as best as possible. When technology fails us, when civilization falls, they will be the ones who will survive, because they know how to adapt.

  19. Hi. I live in Japan. How to dry plants/leaves…anyone can work? How to dry plants? Do some have poison? Are they durable? Great idea this primitive tech channel.

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