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100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Amazing Quick Monkey Trap Using Bamboo

  1. I tried so dang hard and spent hours trying to make an axe and a spear with the “perfect” materials and couldn’t do it but your here makeing stuff like that in seconds🥺

  2. The monkeys mother was definitely killed by a poacher before the baby was sold. It's a baby now but when it gets older it will become violent and probably be 'released 'because of it. As it has grown up with humans it will lack the skills a monkey would have learned from its mother. It'll not be accepted into any groups and will die as a result. The monkey was bought of a market. Dont buy a monkey keeping primates as pets is cruel.

  3. either these monkeys are VERY used to humans or that monkey was previously tamed by you and that specific video isn't shown because there's no way he's tamed that fast unless it's either of those reasons lol

    cute squeaker tho.

  4. this is legit, if you guys doubt it. look at how it's grooming him. Looking for any bugs or creatures to find on his leg. That's an easy way to tame them by looking at their fur or grooming them. and these types of monkeys are not savage towards humans at such a young age.

  5. Yes the monkey is probably his pet, but the important thing is to remember that Tampa Bay blew a 35 to 14 lead against the Colts with only 3:45 minutes left in 2003.

  6. Who cares if it's fake! It's entertaining. Ur here on YouTube to be entertained. If u really want to watch someone catch a monkey for real, why don't u do it?


  8. This is Monkey business! We are not that stupid…
    1) The monkey would have easily get out of your trap as there is no weight on it! your trap can NOT even contain a chicken!
    2) A wild monkey would have bitten you and chopped your ass, even a little one like this

  9. Catching and taming and training a monkey takes a lot of time. They can be useful not just as a house pet. They can climb to tree tops and toss down fruit. They can do it for hire.

  10. First the monkey would have just pushed the 2oz bamboo cover to the side and jumped out. Second even if you managed to keep him trapped, you certainly would have had your face bitten off the moment you tried to grab him.

  11. Cin artists nake me sick. I reported you to YouTube as you're not supposed to be showing anyone how to make Contraptions that could possibly be dangerous to humans I'm assuming animals as well. It's obvious this is your pet monkey which doesn't surprise me. You probably have a YouTube channel on this monkey as well. There is no way a wild stump-tailed macaque within two minutes is your best friend.

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