Primitive Technology: Adobe Hut For Shelter The Winter

Adobe Hut For Shelter The Winter

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100 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Adobe Hut For Shelter The Winter

  1. 이새끼 동영상 전부 구라치고 있네.. 이딴새끼 뭘 믿고 209만명이라는 구독자가 나왔을까..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. Это выглядит, как пародия (такой канал тоже есть) на канал Primitive Technology австралийца. Но он тут это делает на серьёзных щах) хуяк и крыша выросла. Хуяк и ил из озера становится цементом. Хуяк и кирпичики на костре из ила, становятся фабричными кирпичами)

  3. As fake as these things may seem "is" i can assure you the majority of the people watching couldnt make the shelter with modern tools and supplies

  4. Двери нет, на крышу мох какой то напялили)) Рыб запустили в лужу..чем они там питаться то будут? Вокруг гравием насыпали зачем то. Осталось еще золотой краской покрасить и цыган заселить)

  5. Love how you rip off someone elses channel name via adding one word to make it different, and even use the same format for video names…. How you have so many subs and people actually watching your crap is amazing…

  6. I would love to see someone survive a real winter this.
    Have you heard of snow, ice and – 30c? This might keep you dry but itwould not keep you alive for a northen winter

  7. You have more patience in your toenail than I do in my entire body. It's very relaxing to watch this, but it would be hard taking the time to actually do this.

  8. Sou do Brazil,e admiro muito esses caras,enquanto uns com uma mansao esta reclamando,eles qie fazem essas coisas lindas nao reclamam!!!!
    Cheguei dando like

  9. Why do Asian people have to ruin literally everything on the internet. FB, intagram and now youtube. Be fucking original for once.

  10. I see a few of the primitive technology guys have scars on their shoulders, can anyone give an idea of what they are/mean please? Curious!

  11. A lot of y'all are surprisingly pissed off about this video. Not sure exactly what terrible crime you think has occurred but it's just a Youtube video where a guy made some stuff and thought he'd let us see it. And funnily enough, a lot of you also think he's making things faster than humanly possible with no apparent understanding of the fact that video editing is a thing, which begs the question: Who's the primitive one here? But hey, if you've got nothing more important to rage about than whether there's more than one channel with a similar name and such like, go off I guess. And you really must tell us all where your videos are, where you make things far superior with your bare hands. Bunch of danged losers with nothing better to do than rip on someone for daring to post a video.

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  13. Тем временем где то на заднем плане слышна работа двигателя внутреннего сгорания

  14. Я не знаю, кто первый придумал Primitive Technology, но копировать именно под этим именем плохо.
    Можно делать свои ролики под своими названиями.

  15. Can we just enjoy the video it’s not to hard to just enjoy it geeee

    And stop hating cause u don’t want to be hated too

  16. Кстати там у него маленьком домике было очень очень темно!!!👻👻👻👻

  17. В болотце перед входом заведутся комары и всякие гады… хозяин сгинет от лихорадки или яда…
    Если, конечно, это не временное решение для привлечения самки😍😉

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