Primitive Technology: 4 years of primitive technology

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84 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: 4 years of primitive technology

  1. Hope you guys support the channel, so I can continue to be motivated to create and shoot more great videos .thank you very much

  2. Cool stuff, the only things I wonder are: where do you get salt?, how do you avoid illness?, how to find proper plants and not harmful plants? I think you would need to make also a water filter with granular layers. Also how did you boil your water? Bacteria in water must be killed before consumption or you risk having bowl problems or worse.

  3. I met him the other week when I was on holiday. He was just walking across the road like a human and then I was like "omg you are the youtube guy!" I blanked out on the channel name because I was so struck by meeting a famous person. But I shook his hand and congratulated him on his success. He is a nice guy, down to earth. I hope his book takes off like his channel.

  4. A few months ago I had a scout camp and I did a wilderness survival test where we made our own shelter with a partner that we had to sleep in over night and using some of his building tactics I made a pretty sturdy shelter.

  5. Sir I was am a old subscriber that's been with you since year 1 and I'm grateful to you for sharing your knowledge about the wilderness and shelter making and tool making with me and I am still learning a lot from you in multiple ways and I hope you make more videos about forging and foraging

  6. 4 years ago: Primitive Technology starts on Youtube
    4 years later: Tons of copycat channels trying to profit off the content John created.

  7. Sorry I am late to see this, John….but wanted to express my thanks and admiration for all that you have presented since the beginning. I just bought the book, and want to thank you in advance for that! All the best, Sir!

  8. Извини, а что у тебя стягивает трубу в

  9. Its kind of sad. When a youtuber in Indonesia with amount of subscriber like him quite opposite. A content quality and the education level far from this. I hope in Indonesia we have so much youtuber who can educate us not just entertain, nowadays the television (tv show and artist) always trending in youtube. I try to avoid the TV show because it so toxic, by watching youtube and now they are here too. Sorry for my english

  10. Me wondering why he was gathering why he is gathering twigs and leaves thane make a hill and set it on fire
    Then me realizing he was making charcoal

  11. Four years teaching serious and legitimate survival techniques without the need to build swimming pools …

    The best channel of primitive techniques !!!

    Quatro anos ensinando técnicas sérias e legítimas de sobrevivência sem a menor necessidade de construir piscinas…

    O melhor canal de técnicas primitivas!!!

  12. I wonder what one would use to screen clay to make higher quality pottery. Not that this pottery isn't perfectly functional, it just seems like an interesting challenge, and might produce something easier to work and fire. I am guessing that, in the distant past, people simply sought out higher quality natural clay rather than attempting to process it.

    I eagerly await your collecting enough iron to make a tool! My vote would be fore a chisel, as making holes in things (that has always seemed like an arduous process) and shaping stone and wood more easily would be great. As a bonus, one edge could be made knife-sharp, and perhaps even partially serrated.

  13. Approaching 10 million because he deserves 10 million. Love watching this stuff. I’ve found two channels over the year that I think are similar to this (as in the mindset used – not primitive technology). ‘Kris Harbour natural buildings’ and ‘My Self Reliance’. Ive found these just as interesting.

  14. I've been watching you since the beginning and this is just insane. This channel has grown so much and you even have your own book now. It's nice to see how successful you've become.

  15. Friend-how do you like the idea of making animal skins? I think you have in Australia can be buy fresh skins, on it and to train! Scrape with a stone, soak in tannin, knead, etc.
    Put huskies to the author saw this idea!!!

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