Prime Minister Trudeau delivers remarks at Kinova Robotics in Boisbriand, Quebec

Minister of Canada): Good morning. Hello everyone. Thanks for being here today. By now, I think you all know how much I love technology. So you will not be too surprised to hear me say that any day I get the chance to learn about robotic arms is a great day. The research and production done here at Kinova don’t have just industrial applications. They are also truly life-changing for people with reduced mobility. In many ways, the work done at Kinova represents the best of innovation. Here, people don’t just believe that better is possible, they prove it every day. And they’re doing it right here at home, building a successful, competitive business, creating good, well-paying jobs, improving the lives of people with technologies that give them greater independence and freedom. The innovation I got to see today, and more importantly, the people I met who help bring
this new technology to life – this is the future. And we can either embrace it and stake
out our place as leaders on the world stage, or we can watch opportunities pass us by. I’ve spent a lot of time in the last couple of months meeting with Canadians where they live. I know that Canadians are worried about their future. They worry about job opportunities,
and especially about the opportunities that will exist when their children and grandchildren
graduate from school. These issues are what Canadians – middle
class Canadians – are focused on. It is why the budget we tabled earlier this week
focuses on what matters most to them. It’s a budget that’s about people, about
what Canadians need to feel confident in their future. That starts with making sure every
Canadian can get the training they need to find and keep a good, well-paying job today
and prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. And it continues with making sure that innovative
companies like Kinova have the support they need to grow their business, compete globally
and create even more jobs for Canadians. That’s why Budget 2017 includes things like
more venture capital funding for Canada’s innovators, so that they can focus on doing what they do best: creating new products that will improve our lives. The budget also includes significant and sustained investments in clean technologies that create good jobs for Canadians while helping us meet our climate change goals. And it includes new investments to help support superclusters – places that bring together our best and
most talented workers, to drive economic growth and promote a true culture of innovation. As I said yesterday, Canadians are among the most intelligent, hardworking and ambitious people in the world. We owe it to them to do all we can to support innovation and growth. That’s how we’ll help them feel more secure about their future. That’s how we’ll build
an economy that works for everyone.

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6 thoughts on “Prime Minister Trudeau delivers remarks at Kinova Robotics in Boisbriand, Quebec

  1. We have only lost jobs since you became "PrimeMinster". We can't all be Substitute drama teachers

  2. Yesterday I watch Primer Minister at George Brown College,in Toronto.Today,this early on the Morning,I open Web and 'see' Him in Quebec.Mr. Primer Minister Justin Trudeau is telling related matter about invest more Money or Canadian Citizen to get higher Education,so can have better job and live better.

  3. by creating robots, study shows that in 15 years job losses will be at its maximum hello anyone home?????

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