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8 thoughts on “Press Conference: Texas Tech National Championship Postgame

  1. y’all are absolutely right that TTU missed opportunities and Culver should’ve played a better game and should’ve made some big plays he missed but that still don’t take away from the fact that the refs bailed UVA out two games in a row just admit it TTU should’ve won this game but either way at least it was one of the most exciting NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship in a long time first overtime since 2008 and all the back to back 3’s from both teams i tip my hat to both teams but i’m still a salty TTU fan😂😂

  2. Although I was rooting for UVA (wanted to see the UMBC loss to national title), I have a great deal of respect for Chris Beard and this Red Raider team. What a great coach he is and what a great team they were. They play the game the right way and Beard runs a clean program. Very much like UVA and Tony Bennett. I'd have been really happy for them as well if they'd been the ones who came out on top. Wish the one reporter wouldn't have asked Culver about his potential NBA prospects after he and his team lost such a tough game. While I get that reporters want to be the first ones to get the news, I don't think it was the right time and place for that question.

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