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Did you know that 8% of the world’s
population is ravaged by poverty? How can we make this 0%. Introducing the Poverty
Solver. Poverty solver is an interactive game that tries to spread the awareness
that poverty is by creating a virtual world that is ravaged by poverty and
needs be rebuilt by getting funds from prospective philanthropists and to
educate the people that live at the virtual world or how to build and lead
the nation to better times. The game will have many interactions
that need to be considered the first is that the application will have simple
touch screen interactions that will get the user to pick things such as what
country they want to build and whether they want to either negotiate with another philanthropist or build the country or to educate people
within the country or town to be able to do things. The application will begin
with the user going to the home page where you can create a profile, becoming
a philanthropist and choosing the virtual area in the world to start
developing it. It will then spurn to a virtual reality to a more physical scale
which will use physical tools such as a hammer or a bulldozer etc to clean or
and rebuild the country. If the user doesn’t want to continue to use the
virtual reality part they can go back to the app where they could see things such
as stats based on how much lives they’ve saved out of poverty during the session
and also how and how good they’re cleaning building and educating was.
This application has several prototypes that incorporate the entire
application and game. The first will be a simple wireframe prototype of the
application which will just show basic functions such as making an account
becoming a philanthropist and choosing the virtual area in the world to
start developing. The next prototype will involve a more physical way to clean or
build the nation by creating a virtual cleaner with Makey Makey. This will
create a virtual reality feel to the application and will test the virtual reality
part of the game. The final prototype will be the application developed
towards most final stage given the natural time frame and it will test the
interactions made in from the first prototypes in more depth.

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