Portalcraft Guides #1 – The Secret Of Building Your Portal Deck

If you like 99% of Shadowverse player You definitely have tried playing the new class Portalcraft And then realize you suck at it By being destroyed by everyone Now you might feel sad about it But honestly it’s okay Portal is actually really hard to pilot This is because as Portalcraft there are so many things to manage From resonance, PP recovery, deck size, and more And because of that in this video series I’ll share some of my tips on how to optimize your Portalcraft gameplay Now i know i’m not a Grandmaster player With only level 80 in Portal But if you have seen some of my Portal gameplay It’s honestly just comes down to how you can pilot the deck With that said we will start with deckbuilding first Because no matter how skilled you are Un-optimized deck will get you so far in this world Let’s get started Building Portal is all about balance When you build one you need to take note of two things Artifact generator And card draw Specifically Artifact drawer Artifact generator is any card that puts Artifact into your deck For example Biofabrication Metaproduction Icarus Mech Wing, and so on Card draw is just your usual draw power But for Portal we want to focus on drawing Artifact Because they are really strong individually and can be used for more draw power Example of it would be like Metaproduction Icarus Fervent Hakrabi and even Rift Now with that in mind let’s take a look on one of my most successful Portal deck at the moment We will analyze this deck and see how i balance it We will start with Artifact generator first With a little bit counting Here’s the number of Artifact i’ll generate from each individual card under normal situation I think it’s quite easy to understand So let’s move to draw power for this deck Which is quite tricky to explain Let’s see the number first Now you might see some number with range in it This is because for draw power We need to count for best and worse case scenario Let’s take Icarus as the first example Icarus has a draw potential But you need evolve for it Because of this the best scenario of draw would be 3 When you’re going second However this is rarely the case and there might be situation where you don’t evolve Icarus at all Now let’s move to other follower that generates Artifact Some follower will generate artifact that has draw power like Analyzing and Mystic Artifact Because of that we will count them as their draw power The best example of this would be Iron Staff Iron Staff gives you two Mystic Artifact That can draw a card which is why he has six on this table Because three copies times two Artifact Now for Deus we will just gives six card draw to make it simple Now as you can see even in the worst possible case scenario our card draw is really close to the number of our Artifact generator This number is really important because we don’t want to stack our deck with only artifact with no way of pulling them The same can be said where we don’t want to run too little Artifact generator Making our card draw useless Now you might argue some of this value might not be 100% accurate but i hope you get the general idea for building good Artifact deck from it You can use these rules to know how optimized your current Portal deck It basically comes down to balancing between generating card and drawing those extra card Never focus too much on one side or else you’ll end up horribly

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21 thoughts on “Portalcraft Guides #1 – The Secret Of Building Your Portal Deck

  1. Can be good use mystic ring to put back safira during the first turn?
    Or in the late game if you want to save her from deus effect

  2. Very impressive presentation! You have some amazing skills! I look forward to more vids from this series!

  3. erm. . . keep practicing English I guess? The way you pronounce things confuse me at sone point XD Great effort thou

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