Polymer Clay Miniature 1 to 12 – Fastelavns /Carnivals Cat Mask

[Music] I’m going to make another mosque for Coptic carnival and this one is going to be a cat for that I rolled out some dark gray in a sitting five and again I’m using the same shape as I used for the mouse find the link for the mouse in the info box below or right here so first that one and then again I am going to use my teardrop shape for the ears and this time I’m using the top part here for it so I am going to cut out two of these for the ears so I’m just cutting off a part of the ear I’m placing is it yours then I’m going to take a light gray color and I am going to make I’m going to make two equal sized bowls that’s your tear out the same size and I’m going to roll these placing them next to each other and squeezing flat yeah I’m going to place this right here like that then I’m going to take some of my pinkish colored clay here that I used before first I’m rolling it out on a sitting five for the nose and I am shaping it into my cat nose now I’m going to take my tiny straw again for the ice then I’m going to roll this out on a setting 8 and I use this one again to cut out the inner ear oh my cat and I’m making sure that this is a bit smaller so I’m just cutting off a part of each of them and then I just place them inside the ears and when you’re happy with your cut pick it the little cat mask is on now picked you know I’m just taking a black string and two small dots of the dark gray clay and some big and bond and I’m putting on my beak and bones right here at the site putting on the string placing it right there taking one of these pieces of clay and squeezing down into into the bacon bond and over all the string the nut I made a tiny knot and then I’m going to pick one more time and that’s it your little mask will be all done so happy crafting [Music] [Music]

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