Pokémon Go on Apple Watch

With 500M downloads, Pokémon Go is coming
to the Apple Watch. The new app is designed to blend the gameplay
with a traditional walk or run. The new Watch version offers many of the core
mechanics of the game, but enable players to enjoy the experience without having to
constantly look at your phone — and potentially walk into something hazardous. During a walk, users can see how far they
went, how many calories they burned, and see what Pokémon are nearby. The only thing the app does not allow you to do is catch a Pokemon. Instead, users can engage with
pokestops, hatch eggs, and get game related messages. Pokémon Go represented Nintendo’s continued
move toward mobile. The app will be shipping before the end of
the year.

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12 thoughts on “Pokémon Go on Apple Watch

  1. It's funny how the Google owned Niantic ports the game to Apple Watch ahead of Android Wear… Hopefully, the Android Wear version isn't too far behind.

  2. they just what people to steal your phone and watch now so you can go to apple and buy more its called brain washing people fuck Pokemon go

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