Valeera I don’t really agree with that Watch your back. I like this hand guys. Let’s fool. Keep this Where do you rank 200 earlier today? I see yes, but nowadays a below ranked 200 stream as the title also says What of token roots, how are you doing Gun racks by the title Think it’s okay. I’m not sure about it’ll go shark next term because I only have two which with Piper at the moments he Very likely plays one drop hero power, but I think it’s okay Okay Arnold shirt sneakers donated $2 I’m 25, that’s what I am It’s probably a good play she’ll probably not go which with Piper yet I had my birthday just a little three weeks ago I’m now the same rank Chet issue I’m a big fan of this draw Took one damage too much sexually, I Told that beggar, they’re fixed at three one. I Shall be it. I shall be at Twenty one life. That was a Miss play Happy birthday. Yeah. Thank you. Happy belated birthday. I see It’s my last Pogo but how does he ever kill it guys I have a plan we go I do this and I just play it And next turn we can go vanish if he goes white and then we play it again and then it’s a 7-7 Let’s dance Easy easy Chet There’s a good vanish turn Is it Is hit well this is hand going on strike But all seven seven one bin, uh seven seven I win well He got Pogo Chet. He got pop out a great example of the Pogo 5/8 Get in Pogo Ha Ha ha fuck out Go go go go. Go go go Don’t you guys I will Pogo people down and token decks are fine. They are fine. We can Pogo them disco Pogo damn bomb Wins three guys, whenever anyone joins in the stream now, we’re gonna say that we are on the win streak, okay? We are all a wins treatment Back watch your bank. I Shall let may be kept silly there may be silly was a keep Nobody knows the real win Street guys. We just save you are on the wing Street because L are joining in. Hello Ella Thank you for subscribing Welcome pleasure to have you here and cater Thai six month greetings from Italy Greetings from the Netherlands to Italy less than three What does this mean guys if you coined this what does it mean you Know the rock is gonna dagger has to be weapon or second hyena, right? I Don’t think it means spring boy at all Whoa, whoa blizzards Go to this I Think it means weapon. I Don’t really think it necessarily means second eye, you know, oh My god, let’s go Nice how unibrow this is how I do it. I First some of my big Pogo that is that this is Danny Pogo Cute I Want you and you and you Lapdogs all of you Shrim traits, I’m trading within hyena. I’m not trading undef wing Into a wisp. Okay, I Know this engineer. I don’t know about that I Mean it’s probably actually no engineer, but this hand is strange. I just want to kill him Timber hole I Just wanna play curved You’re gonna do it like this Face thinking but just playing is really now next time. We just play tuck We just play seven minutes six six. This plays very well into his Six men are a rush guy the twin spell to have still divine shield here so Spring forward is pretty decent Final attack with Julie. I just explained I finger device with a super video. Here we go Whoa power creep Power Just the tech face with zhu-li that is not how it works sir Your shelters Change the stream title. You are lying. You are not reading the title, correct? I am saying below top 200 stream below haha Do I shadow Novus or shadow evil? Oh Yes Call Blatz let’s mark this up Chet ship is not bad either. You know what I Think is actually cold. Let’s hear We’re getting there guys We’re getting there Spork acquitted Oh burn deck, but I have a digger digger burns one damage to turn Oh My Nova’s Engineers infinite value bomb The Schiphol even of all ones Hahaha, it’s like you’re not those brutes guys questo tears back. Oh No, dude desperation faking hunter runs a heal cards, but healthy doesn’t have to heal it has that but that’s fine because I dig her I Can dig her him? Donna pull goats. Oh, no, I didn’t throw a single Pogo. How did I win guys? I didn’t draw a single Pogo POGO-HOPPER ROGUE DECK 2019 RISE OF SHADOWS HEARTHSTONE

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